Holidays at Disneyland 2016

holidays at disneyland: sleeping beauty's castle | delicious not gorgeous

when it’s the holidays at disneyland, it grows even more magical. aside from the special decorations and fireworks and parades, and the seasonal food offerings, it was the first time i’ve never sweated all day, wanting to retreat somewhere cool and dark and quiet at 3pm. i couldn’t stop saying, IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL and IT’S LIT (after which i would […]

Texas 2016

gingerbread castle or old red museum? | Delicious Not Gorgeous

i’ve been wanting to go to texas for a while. little me wanted cowboy boots, middle school/high school me wanted to go to paul qui’s and bronwen webber’s (i used to be obsessed with food network challenge) places, and current me just plain likes to travel (though after this trip, i realized that heat/humidity does not […]

Anaheim 2016

Poke from Pokinometry in Anaheim, CA

i was in anaheim a couple weeks ago. i flew home after finals, and then returned a week later. that makes a lot of sense, right? (but um that’s nothing when compared to a couple summers ago, aka the time i flew home from socal, stayed at home for about 36 hours, then flew back […]

shenanigans #3

what i’ve been making and eating: eggs. fried over greens sauteed with garlic. a frittata with herbes de provence and caramelized cauliflower and onion. or just plain scrambled (which is surprisingly satisfying for its simplicity). crunchy salted pb. by the spoonful, on celery, in my morning quinoa/soy milk/raisins/cinnamon concoction. quinoa salad with herbes de provence, […]