Spam Musubi

this post was originally published in october 2013. i’ve since updated the picture, which you may recognize from my header. if you would like to see the old picture, you can click here (and see what my site used to look like pre-custom domain wheeeee), or don’t and just know that this picture is much better […]

Somen Salad

Somen salad is always delicious. It may not be a family classic like Spam musubi or sticky rice, but dang it’s good. Somen are really skinny noodles that look sort of like angel hair pasta. Because they’re so skinny, they take barely any time to cook, so pull them out soon after you put them […]

Butter Mochi, Custard Mochi

Butter mochi is a classic Hawaiian treat that features sweet rice flour, which gives the dessert its characteristic chewy texture.

Much of my time at Aunty Lily’s was spent trying not to step on hyper dogs, hunting for Easter eggs and watching my aunts and uncles scream in laughter after seeing the newest, most outrageous entry into the annual White Elephant game. Despite how busy I ended up being, I always found time to accept […]