Kimchi Cucumber Naengmyeon

This kimchi cucumber naengmyeon is a riff on the traditional cold and spicy Korean noodles known as bibim naengmyeon, with cucumbers in place of noodles.

korean bbq is a way of life where i go to school. check snapchat on any given day, and you’ll see someone cooking well-marbled ribbons of meat on a table laden with tons of side dishes (or you’ll see people at disneyland for the 16th time this month). even for someone who doesn’t love the […]

Kimchi Quinoa Salad

Unusual perhaps, but this kimchi quinoa salad with Asian pear, edamame and nori is delicious all the same.

mission: use my homemade kimchi. i omitted the scallion (didn’t have) and tofu (didn’t have enough space in my puny mixing bowl and felt it was unnecessary flavor wise; i’d use it for more protein/staying power though). it was really interesting (i mean, ofc it is; have you ever thought about kimchi quinoa salad before?), […]