Yaki Onigiri

Yaki onigiri are Japanese pan-fried rice balls that can be flavored with anything. The insides stay tender, while the outsides brown and crisp up.

welcome back to college meal chronicles! fast, easy food with only a few ingredients. tasty as always. and of course, you don’t need to be in college to make these. are you obsessed with dolsot bibimbap (the korean dish with crispy rice, sesame-flavored veggies and toppings, and spicy/sweet gochujang sauce)? or arancini, the italian balls […]

Spam Musubi

Seaweed, rice and Spam (I insist that you pan-fry it and use a teriyaki glaze) make up Spam musubi, a classic Hawaiian on-the-go food.

There’s something about the combination of salty, pleasantly squishy meat with caramelized bits of teriyaki sauce, firm grains of rice and pliable, briny seawood. It was the first sandwich-like thing I ever ate. For me, it speaks of basketball and sweaty socks and doting mothers. By now, you are probably confused. If you understand, then […]