Spam Musubi

this post was originally published in october 2013. i’ve since updated the picture, which you may recognize from my header. if you would like to see the old picture, you can click here (and see what my site used to look like pre-custom domain wheeeee), or don’t and just know that this picture is much better […]

Kimchi Quinoa Salad

Unusual perhaps, but this kimchi quinoa salad with Asian pear, edamame and nori is delicious all the same.

mission: use my homemade kimchi. i omitted the scallion (didn’t have) and tofu (didn’t have enough space in my puny mixing bowl and felt it was unnecessary flavor wise; i’d use it for more protein/staying power though). it was really interesting (i mean, ofc it is; have you ever thought about kimchi quinoa salad before?), […]