Coconut Almond Cluster Granola

Coconut Almond Cluster Granola | Delicious Not Gorgeous

basic has 3 meanings. you’ve probably heard of the common, merriam-webster accepted definitions; the one pertaining to pH/chemistry (acidic v basic) and the one that describes the essential parts of something. i know at least 1 reader (not naming names, but it’s definitely my mom) who doesn’t know the third one: the millennial/urban dictionary form. […]

Almond-Crisped Peaches

Introducing the easiest, fastest way to make fruit crisp: almond-crisped peaches. Tender summer peaches and crispy almond streusel. Endless variations.

with my newfound summer freedom, i’ve gone to sf, palo alto and santa cruz, with a weekend trip with some high school friends coming up in a couple days. i’m also helping coach a middle school softball team. speaking of which, were you annoyingly attention seeking and dependent when you were 11? there’s a know it […]

Caramel Banana Upside Down Cake

This caramel banana upside down cake has tender cake topped with bananas caramelized in butter and brown sugar.

maybe you associate upside down cakes with the 1950s/1960s and canned pineapple/maraschino cherries and jello salad and packaged everything and being old. i don’t. when you flip one out, it’s like the christmas morning of cakes, a surprise hidden under fluffy, fine-crumbed cake even if you’re the one who made the cake and know exactly […]

Hong Kong Style Dan Tats (Egg Tarts)

These Hong Kong style dan tats feature tender, crumbly pastry crust with a silky egg custard center.

let’s start this month with a bang, shall we? since it’s a month with personally irrelevant holidays. st patrick’s day doesn’t really count for me because the “celebration” consists of admittedly satisfying corned beef and steamed potatoes/cabbage/carrots, and easter has died down now that the majority of my extended family has grown up (and we […]