2018 Delicious Not Gorgeous Review

This sweet potato haupia pie is a Hawaiian dessert, featuring buttery macadamia nuts, chestnut-like purple sweet potatoes and creamy coconut. #sweetpotato #haupia #hawaiian #dessert #coconut #macadamianuts

welcome to the 2018 delicious not gorgeous review! your favorites, my favorites, and some laughs.

your favorite delicious not gorgeous recipes from 2018

The top of the custard mochi separates a bit, giving you a creamy top layer and a chewy, dense bottom layer. #buttermochi #custardmochi #mochi #hawaiian #dessert

the pictures for my post on butter mochi and custard mochi got refreshed earlier this year. it’s been one of the popular girls on the blog already, and this nudge gave the mochi its lauryn hill comeback (okay lauryn hill’s 2018 resurgence was a teensy bit bigger).

America's Test Kitchen's clumpalicious almond granola is delicious served with a swoop of creamy Greek yogurt and sweet/tart blood oranges. #almonds #granola #breakfast #yogurt

america’s test kitchen’s clumpalicious almond granola isn’t mine (it’s shockingly from america’s test kitchen), but with some blood oranges in their bright, unedited glory and snowy greek yogurt (and fabulous concrete in the backyard of a house i stayed at for 3 months), i can see how this post did well.

The inside of this spam kimbap looks like a kaleidoscope, with pickled radish, spinach, carrots, eggs and Spam. #spam #kimbap #korean #sushi

spam kimbap! perfect for the pickle lover in your life, especially if they’re the kind of person you’d get pickles for as a non-joke christmas gift. oh, and anyone who’s into spam.

Don't worry if these yaki manju (think buttery shortbread filled with sweet red bean) are a bit crumbly - they'll still taste great! #japanese #hawaiian #yakimanju #manju #redbean

yaki manju is kind of like the asian version of pie crust cookies. super flaky, gently sweet, all sorts of deliciousness.

Love Boba Guys? Me, too. Here's an easy homemade version of their popular strawberry matcha latte. #strawberry #matcha #greentea #matchalatte

this boba guys-inspired strawberry matcha latte is addictive. case in point: might have been too lazy to make this at home today and almost drove 30 min to grab a cup (and would have if it was still open when i tried to go).

my favorite delicious not gorgeous recipes from 2018

aka the year of hawaiian desserts and entrees with kimchi.


This lemon crunch cake is studded with bits of toffee, adding a caramelly flavor and a nice crunch to the cake. #lemoncake #layercake #toffee #pastrycream #whippedcream

i’d been meaning to make some sweet potato haupia pie (see the header pic) for the blog for a while. it finally happened and dang if i’m not pleased as potatoes about it. also made a few rounds of lemon crunch cake (see above pic) – a bit more dev work went into this than the haupia pie, but so worth it.

This sweetgreen Shroomami isn't a 30 minute meal, but the combination of crunchy bean sprouts, crispy tofu, tender mushrooms and gingery miso dressing is worth the time and effort. #ricebowls #mushrooms #lunch #asian

not hawaiian desserts nor kimchi-infused; nonetheless still loving this homemade shroomami. chances are, you’ve heard me talk about salad and how much i love sweetgreen, so i’m sure anyone who has seen me treat myself with a storebought shroomami is rolling their eyes at this point.

These kimchi chicken sliders combine fluffy Hawaiian rolls, juicy chicken, tender kimchi and kale, and crunchy quick pickles. #kimchi #chicken #sliders #hawaiianrolls

and though i no longer mow down costco-sized containers of kimchi alone anymore, my love for it still love kimchi: kimchi soupkimchi chicken sliderscreamed kale and kimchi pasta.

This creamed kale and kimchi pasta features a creamy kale and coconut milk sauce with plenty of crunchy, funky kimchi. #kale #kimchi #pasta #entree

2018 delicious not gorgeous flops

i’m not a bartender yet. (maybe i’ll never be one).

Cucumber, lemon and vodka do not belong together. #cucumber #lemon #vodka

not sure why i thought a cucumber + lemon + vodka drink would be a good idea, even after a strange sugar snap pea + vodka situation i managed to choke down last summer. it wasn’t. watery, pulpy vodka? no thank you. i’ll take my cucumbers sliced and salted and sober.

This peppermint matcha latte looks really festive, but it tasted like minty grass. #peppermint #matcha #matchalatte #greentea

i was also convinced that a peppermint matcha latte would be great – that trademark matcha color with mini candy canes! too bad it tasted like minty grass (looked cute though, i have to say).

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14 Replies to “2018 Delicious Not Gorgeous Review”

  1. All wonderful! And gorgeous. Happy New Year!

    1. thanks mimi! happy (belated) new year to you too!

  2. It’s been a year full of yumminess! Love your blog and all your recipes 🙂 Happy New Year!!

    1. cheers to the yumminess!

  3. Everything here looks pretty dang delicious and gorgeous to me! I appreciate the Sweetgreens too!

    1. thanks laura! craving that sweetgreen bowl right now – haven’t bought/made it in too long!

  4. Great year you had, Heather!! Happy 2019!

    1. same to you – happy 2019, and cheers to another year of food blogging! (:

  5. What a great year in review Heather! That latte is so pretty, and those sliders look delicious! Happy 2019! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for this year!

    1. if only the latte was as pretty as it tasted (; happy 2019!

  6. Happy New Year! What a great round up, and good for you for actually photographing your kitchen fails, I usually just have a hissy fit and throw it in the bin….lol.

    1. LOL don’t worry i’m not always in a good mood after a kitchen fail (especially if i spent a long time on it and the kitchen is still a mess…)

  7. Happy New Year, Heather! It was a great year and you are brave to add a kitchen flop!

    1. kitchen flops always make me laugh so of course i had to add some of mine! (;

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