2019 Delicious Not Gorgeous Year in Review

Slice cut out from whole roasted cauliflower, topped with purple onions, yellow hollandaise, golden crispy potatoes and cilantro leaves.

welcome to the 2019 delicious not gorgeous year in reivew review! my favorites, the most popular recipes and some laughs.

my favorite 2019 delicious not gorgeous recipes

definitely the savory showstopper on the blog this year: this whole roasted cauliflower with hollandaise, shoestring potatoes and pickled red onion at the top of this post. inspired by liholiho yacht club in sf, my cousin claims this dish made her a cauliflower convert.

A citrus kale pesto rice bowl, topped with crumbled feta, hardboiled eggs, hot sauce and radishes.

it’s probably a good thing i live a cool 7+ hour drive from sqirl, or i’d have this citrus kale pesto rice bowl (aka their sorrel pesto rice bowl) way too frequently. it’s creamy, crunchy, chewy and tangy, the perfect lunch to look forward to in the middle of the work day.

These matcha popsicles with cherry rose compote are a pretty two-tone frozen treat that's more creamsicle than popsicle. #matcha #greentea #popsicles #cherry

in true paleta week fashion, i posted these matcha popsicles with cherry rose compote. this ice cream here is leaps and bounds better than any other ice cream i’ve made, and the creamsicle vibes make these something i’d much rather have in my freezer than the overhyped brown sugar pearl milk popsicles.

how many times have i visited forum coffee in sd? exactly once. how many times have i craved their iced earl grey matcha latte? who knows. so i made it at home, and i’m now ready to make this whenever i need a loooong afternoon break.

i can’t get enough matcha, apparently. i loved the green tea pie with citrus cream at stonemill matcha, and i was determined to conquer my pie crust struggles. ta da, a crazy decadent matcha flavored custard with an a+, easy to make vodka pie crust that even my inexperience can’t bungle.

most popular recipes of 2019

You don't need a fancy pan with longevity stamped on it to make this really easy nian gao, or Chinese New Year sweet rice cake. #chinesenewyear #niangao #ricecake #chinesefood

i love all things chewy and mochi like, and it looks like you do, too! my aunt gave me this recipe for nian gao and i made at least 5 batches in 2 weeks.

This bento box with all the different kinds of veggies is downright Lemonade or sweetgreen (some of my favorite salad chains) worthy. #bentobox #lunchideas #vegetarian

all those colorful veggies, prettily placed in a bento box – no wonder why this vegetarian bento box was well-received!

Some milk foam and black sesame seeds adds a touch of pizzazz to the top of this black sesame latte, but it's tasty even without the extra adornments! #sesameseeds #latte #decaf #drinks
it’s hibernation szn, time to drink up this toasted black sesame latte!

spam musubi, a perennial favorite, with new pics for 2019. my family devoured a plateful over 30 minutes on christmas, so i understand why this is so popular lol.

Couldn't not do a noodle pull for these Vietnamese garlic butter noodles. #garlic #butter #noodles #pasta #sidedish
garlic butter noodles because who doesn’t want savory, salty, buttery noodles?!

2019 flops

Brown butter custard pie with cinnamon toast crunch pie crust, cranberry sauce and white chocolate sweet potato ganache

thanksgiving was the catalyst for this brown butter custard pie from christina tosi. after spending hours and recruiting friends to help, i transported it an hour in the trunk of a car to my grandma’s house. baaaad move. the sauce sloshed everywhere, and i was too annoyed to deal with it, and left the pie in the corner of the kitchen. bad move #2, since the custard softened so much that the pie was not sliceable. but no matter, this is delicious not gorgeous! and yet, i didn’t love it. the butter i browned so lovingly was mysteriously absent from the too creamy custard, the white chocolate sweet potato ganache too lumpy, the cranberry sauce/cinnamon toast crunch crust fine but unmemorable. sigh.

Mint flavored shortbread cookies with chocolate glaze

in case you’ve missed it: i’ve been waxing poetic about bon appetit and its youtube videos for months. so when i saw the christmas cookie recipes they did this year, i made my friend pick one and got down to business. despite rick’s kindness, they were not quite amazing looking, since the lines of the chocolate and sugar were so messy, and this is after we had to re-apply the sugar to make it show up (otherwise it melted into the cookie). and i also realized i’m not a fan of fresh mint in baked goods, so there’s that. the most exciting part of this whole 4 hour cookie debacle was the words of affirmation from rick!!

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3 Replies to “2019 Delicious Not Gorgeous Year in Review”

  1. Such an amazing year of food Heather!! I love that you introduce me to foods and flavors that I have never seen or tried before! Happy New year!

  2. Your food is delicious AND gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! Love that you were super hands-on with your meals!! Yooo I remember MCM talking about going to Sqirl one of these days. I need to check it out! Your drinks look delish! Mmm, you can NEVEr go wrong with garlic butter noodles as well. Love the consistency! Go out there and rock 2020!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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