About Me

hi, i’m heather! i’m a high school student undergrad digital marketer who spends her (limited) spare time baking and eating her way through california (home base currently: the bay area, after a stint in southern california for college).

random food-related facts:

  1.  the first real dish in my repertoire was america’s test kitchen’s chili. i used to serve it with cornbread from trader joe’s mix (which is still quite delicious, in my opinion).
  2. my last supper would include all the summer fruit i could ever want, san tung chicken wings, sweet red bean soup with plenty of milk, shah chicken tikka masala (which is really their version of chicken korma), mochi filled hong kong egg waffles, dim sum, korean barbecue with tons of banchan and various other goodies that would make me ramble on for way too long.
  3. my happy places include the kitchen, any concert venue that isn’t weed infested, cute bakeries and any disney park (cheesy but so true).
  4. food touches a lot of parts of my life: i chose to take french classes in high school because of the pastries (almond croissants >, and yes, that’s a bad way to make decisions), and one of my college entrance essays was about the numerous times i tried to make cream puffs.

still want to chat with me? contact me on social media (facebook, twitter) or by email (deliciousnotgorgeous AT gmail DOT com) and we can talk about music (pop/alternative/musicals and yes that includes disney songs), cooking/baking, food recommendations in the bay area/oc (i’ll make posts about these some day), all of the above, etc.