America’s Test Kitchen’s Clumpalicious Almond Granola

Make a batch of America's Test Kitchen's clumpalicious almond granola, and have breakfast ready for the whole week! #almonds #granola #breakfast #yogurt

this post, america’s test kitchen’s clumpalicious almond granola, was originally posted in april 2015! it needed an update (read: less crummy pics lol), so ta da.

isn’t it sad when you think something’s healthy, but it’s really not? take granola, for example. there’s so much sugar in it that it really shouldn’t be breakfast (in my eyes at least), and should probably be in a category more closely related to dessert. even if my own brain refuses to see granola and milk as a suitable dessert (suitable midnight snack though? YES).

and the more clumps that your granola has, the bigger the chance that it has way too much sugar. bc all that sugar helps the granola clump up niceeeeely. so yes, this clumpalicious almond granola has more sugar than i’d like. and not even just for health reasons- i find it a bit sweet. but paired with a tangy greek yogurt and sweet / tart blood oranges? then this granola is perfect.

America's Test Kitchen's clumpalicious almond granola is delicious served with a swoop of creamy Greek yogurt and sweet/tart blood oranges. #almonds #granola #breakfast #yogurt

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A chunk of America's Test Kitchen's clumpalicious almond granola! #almonds #granola #breakfast #yogurt

America's Test Kitchenโ€™s Clumpalicious Almond Granola
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
40 mins
Total Time
50 mins
If you're a cluster granola kind of person, then America's Test Kitchen's clumpalicious almond granola will make all of your breakfast dreams come true.
Course: Breakfast
Cuisine: American
Keyword: almonds, brown sugar, dairy-free, dried fruit, egg-free, granola, maple syrup, nuts, oats, vanilla, vegetarian
Servings: 18 1/2-cup servings
Calories: 236 kcal
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup or honey
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar
  • 4 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 tsp kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup oil
  • 5 cups rolled oats
  • 2 cups raw almonds chopped coarsely
  • 2 cups dried fruit chopped
  1. Whisk the maple syrup, sugar, vanilla and salt in large bowl. Whisk in the oil. Mix in the oats and almonds until well-coated.
  2. Transfer to Silpat-lined baking sheet and spread into a thin layer. Compress with the back of a spatula until very compact. Bake at 325F until lightly browned, 40 to 45 minutes, rotating halfway through baking. Cool to room temperature, about 1 hour. Break into pieces of your desired size. Stir in the fruit.
Recipe Notes

From America's Test Kitchen.

Any kind of oil works! I'd pick something more neutral (ie canola or vegetable), but you can use something more flavorful if you'd like (ie coconut or olive oil).

more granola
These granola bars are golden through and through. #granola #granolabars #breakfast #snack

Laura Vitale’s Granola Bars

A close-up of this coconut almond cluster granola so you can see all the texture! #coconut #almond #granola #breakfast

Coconut Almond Cluster Granola

If you like massive clusters in your granola, might I suggest America's Test Kitchen's clumpalicious almond granola? #almonds #granola #breakfast #yogurt

47 Replies to “America’s Test Kitchen’s Clumpalicious Almond Granola”

  1. looks awesome! And who wants to wait a whole hour before breaking up the clumps?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I wholeheartedly agree- the faster I can shovel granola into my mouth, the better.

  2. Totally clumpalicious. Nothing like homemade granola. I so love that the first thing you did when you got home was make this. <3 <3

    1. Ahh trying not to fangirl too hard over here, but thanks! Warm granola makes me swoon a little, too.

  3. Granola is one of my favorite breakfasts! I would totally eyeball the maple syrup and oil, too; it makes for an easier clean-up ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. At the risk of sounding way too cheesy, granola lovers unite!!

  4. Haha, I think it’s hilarious that we both used the same made-up word to describe this granola!

    1. hah yes, great minds think alike (;

  5. Yum! Yum! Yum! Will have to try this! My fave thing to add to granola these days are these delicious roasted salted pecans I get at Trader Joe’s. Makes a sweet/salty vibe. Not necessarily clumpalicious, but fantastic nonetheless.

    1. ooh sounds delicious! i love trader joe’s (i got excited when i saw tj’s yesterday and wanted to go in, but none of my friends did sigh), and can imagine how good their pecans would be in granola.

  6. I love making my own granola, really like how almond-y this mix sounds.

    1. thanks! and yes, allll the almonds.

  7. I always make my own granola because store bought is as bed as a candy bar! This sounds delicious!

    1. ugh yes. it’s crazy when you see how much sugar (and other junk) is in storebought granola!

  8. I love Americas Text kitchen, Iโ€™ve made some of the best recipes from there magazine including a killer recipe for granola bars. I need something good to snack on and this is perfect to curb my sweet tooth. This granola really is clumpalicious.

    1. i’ve loved all of the recipes i’ve made from them! sometimes they take a bit longer, but it always tastes amazing (:

  9. I love eating granola bars. They’re the best pick me up snack.

    1. mmm yes! i need snacks to be crunchy for them to feel satisfying, and granola (and granola bars) fit that bill (:

  10. Homemade granola is so good and these look wonderful, Heatherl! I love the clumpaliciousness!

    1. thanks, thao! the clumps are my favoriteeeee.

  11. Love homemade granola and Iโ€™m definitely a cluster kind of gal! Perfect snack and quick breakfast!!

    1. thanks, leanne! perfect, but dangerous snack – so addictive (;

  12. As soon as I saw “clumpalicious” I knew this recipe was for me. I LIVE for clumps in granola ๐Ÿ˜‰ Yum!!!

    1. it’s sounding like everyone is pro-clumps! they’re so good though that it makes total sense (;

  13. What a fun mashup word, “clumpalicious” is! I really need to start making my own granola. It’s on my list of recipes to make next! I love the crumpiness of your granola.

    1. ooh yes i hope you make some at home soon! it’s so easy, and you can control how sweet it is, and you don’t need to drop tons of money on the ingredients (storebought granola is ridiculously expensive sigh).

  14. Love the photo! I make mine with honey so at least it is a healthy sugar ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. oooh yes i love using honey in granola! honey and maple syrup are my favorites to use, especially because they’ve got a nice bit of flavor that goes so well with toasty granola.

  15. Such a cool name for a granola. It looks delicious despite or perhaps because of all the sugar ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for sharing

    1. haha despite AND because of the sugar (;

  16. It is a tough balance to find a granola that is healthy. I am all for making my own so that I know what is in it. And, you’re right- a sign of sugary granola is the big clumps. Maybe best saved for a weekend brunch treat rather than an everyday breakfast. Your breakfast bowl is so pretty and colourful with the blood oranges.

    1. yes! or (this is more work but anyways) make a big batch of low sugar granola, and then a small batch of clumpy granola, and mix them all together for a balance between clumps and health (:

  17. That’s one perfect looking clump!!! I’m not a fan of crumbly granola, since I mainly use granola as a snack more than breakfast. So, this recipe makes it a totally kid friendly snack (I hate cleaning up after those kids๐Ÿ˜€).

    1. HAHA it’s still a little crumbly (especially if you drop it!), but not nearly as bad as say, a nature valley bar (those never stick together!).

  18. YUM!! This granola looks so freaking good! Thanks for sharing it! I love granola but I’m not a fan of too much sugar either. I like mine as naturally sweetened as possible, but I would make an exception for this recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. you can go for honey or maple syrup or another kind of sweetener! you just need some sort of sticky, melty substance to act as the glue (:

  19. Funny how so many people really think granola is healthy. This granola definitely looks like a yummy treat to me! Love the pics!!

  20. I CAN TOTALLY RELATE TO YOU ABOUT HEALTHY-LOOKING FOODS THAT’S NOT! I agree with you about having granolas for dessert. We somehow make it work into morning yogurts and stuff. Love your recipe! I know my boyfriend would appreciate it big time! Thanks for sharing :).

    1. tbh i am very happy eating granola and sugary cereal as dessert (except maybe on special occasions, when cake or pie or ice cream is necessary!). breakfast for dinner is a thing, but what about breakfast for dessert?!

  21. Loving the updated pics Heather! ๐Ÿ˜€ And ugggh why’d you have to remind me that granola isn’t actually a healthy food? Lol, that’s not stopping me from eating it though. I also love adding it on top of ice cream (because you might as well go all out, you know), and I’m thinking this almond granola would be perfect with some vanilla or caramel!

    1. haha it’s not stopping me either (; OOOH YES granola on ice cream sounds fantastic. all that creamy, melty goodness with some crunch on top?! yes, please.

  22. Granola brings me back to boarding school – where I used to subsist on it… And the dining hall chef would get SO MAD AT ME because I would never eat his food, just granola out of a mug with milk! Ha! I think back and wonder, NO WONDER I never felt good – I WAS EATING what poisons me! LOL!

    1. haha i can imagine him just glaring (; and yeah, it’s not the healthiest, even for people without dietary restrictions (much less you and your laundry list!).

  23. Granola is something I didn’t tried yet… Thanks for sharing auch a delicious version…

    1. ooh i hope you try granola out soon! if you like super crunchy oats, i think you’ll like it (:

  24. Its frightening how much sugar is actually in granola, hence why I stopped buying it and almost always make it myself. I love homemade granola because you can control what goes into it.

    1. exactly! and half the time the dried fruit in storebought granola is all tough and leathery anyways.

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