Big Mug Coffee Roaster, Santa Clara

mocha frap and matcha latte

Yang likes to study at Big Mug in Santa Clara, so I figured it would be fun to try it out.

The parking lot is a pain in the butt. I circled a couple times but couldn’t find anything, and there was nothing on the street, either. I finally ended up parking at an Office Max a block or two down. Not off to a good start.

Yang and I tried to study here, but it ended up turning into a huge catch up / let’s plan for baking tomorrow and oooh what about summer plans? session. It’s fun if you want to do this sort of thing, but it’s hard to study with the distractions of other happy looking people (people don’t look happy when they study) and the smells/sights of intoxicating matcha waffles (I looked up a recipe after Yang and I commented on how fantastic they smelled from the neighboring table).

She got a green tea latte and I got a mocha frappe. These are expensive!! Like $4.80 expensive. More so than Starbucks, which I tend to think is a bit pricey (I don’t go there much nor do I feel an abiding love for it, so maybe that’s why I think its goods are overvalued). Sure, these got served in cute clear mason jar-esque containers with handles, but 1) you don’t get to keep the jar (which would, I’m sure, just end up in the back of the glasses cabinet in my house anyways) and 2) I don’t really care about looks.

The mocha frappe was yummy; in my terms, that means that there’s a high ratio of milk to coffee, so you get a hint of of the coffee flavor, but it’s been tamed (think of a lion versus a nice kitty; which is hard for me because I feel like cats are eternally PMS-ing and bitching) with creamy milk and a lovely hit of sugar. It got icy at the bottom, but if you don’t suck it down super fast, the ice melts well into the rest of the drink and you don’t end up with slush that looks like dirty snow that blankets Tahoe when there’s no fresh powder.

Yang’s green tea latte was yummy. It was a vibrant green, and had a strong matcha flavor (so this isn’t for you if you’re ambivalent towards or don’t like the tea flavor). It was a bit sweet, but I think it would be better if you let the drink sit for a bit so that the ice melts and dilutes the drink a bit.

Would I go back? Probably not. The parking situation was nothing I would like to have to deal with again. I personally do not care for drinks and would much rather munch on something, so a bakery would be more up my alley than a coffee shop like Big Mug.

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