Delicious Not Gorgeous Review 2017

Some of the best from Delicious Not Gorgeous in 2017, including spam musubi, chocolate cupcakes, garlicky mashed potatoes and jasmine cream puffs!

hi there. it’s the second week of 2018, so you’re probably like, why is this girl still thinking about 2017? welp, that pomegranate ginger beer mint sparkler i shared last week was too good to pass up for nye/the end of the year. without further ado, the delicious not gorgeous review 2017.


This blueberry quinoa pancake failed because it stuck to the pan and it tasted chemically. Read about more of my fails (and successes!) in the Delicious Not Gorgeous Review 2017.

the i hate cast iron skillets episode, or that time i tried to make a massive plate-sized blueberry quinoa pancake in a cast iron skillet that 1) wasn’t well seasoned, 2) wasn’t well oiled and 3) had ridges on the bottom. aside from the pancake’s reluctance to leave its pan home in one piece, it tasted chemically, and i realized why most pancakes don’t have quinoa in them.

This toasted hazelnut sweet potato cake tasted way too healthy for how unhealthy it really was (maybe because I forgot to add some sugar oops). Read about more of my fails (and successes!) in the Delicious Not Gorgeous Review 2017.

i generally have thanksgiving dessert duties, and thanksgiving 2017 was no different. i went with a hazelnut sweet potato cake, because it felt both festive (sweet potato) and special (hazelnut). alas, someone (not going to name names) forgot to add the sugar, and didn’t realize until she was about to pull the cake out of the oven. sigh. the texture and sweetness and flavor were actually pretty good, but it still tasted like some sort of healthy (can confirm that it most certainly was not healthy) muffin, and not a cake. saved it for later munching and made this very very tasty and easy cranberry apple cake from queen ina instead.

These mushroom tortellini lead to a nasty scar on my wrist. Read about more of my failures (and successes!) on the Delicious Not Gorgeous Review 2017.

you kind of can’t tell from this picture, but these mushroom tortellini were a bit of a trial. my friend and i were folding these on a friday night (we’re exciting people) while she was trying to get me hooked on black mirror (it didn’t work), and squished them together on plates and stuck them in the freezer. bad idea. by the time we woke up from our unintentional naps at 3am, they were stuck to each other and to the plate, so we pried them off using butter knives. her knife slipped and she scraped her forearm, and i laughed at her. next thing i know, my knife has slipped and grazed over my wrist. i didn’t realize that area could be so abundant with blood. also: they exploded when we boiled them. WHYYYY. pretty tasty but not worth all this madness.

i tried to do a farro risotto with apple and fennel. definitely stirred it too much, and the whole thing got gluey and too starchy. the flavors were really good though, so i’ll have to try that again (someday).

your faves from 2017

You may have queasy memories revolving the squishy meat product known as spam. But pan-fried, coated in teriyaki, and tucked into a rice and seaweed hug, it transforms into lunchtime hero spam musubi. #spammusubi #japanese #hawaiian #spam #rice #seaweed

spam musubi isn’t exactly new to the blog, but it did get reposted this year with a fresh picture.

It's hard to pick a favorite part of this no mai fan (Chinese sticky rice), but the chewy grains of rice make up the foundation for a perfectly cozy dish. #nomaifan #chinesestickyrice #chinese

a group of bloggers got together for a virtual midsummer potluck in the name of peace, and i brought chinese sticky rice, aka no mai fan, to the table.

Use whatever summer fruit you want for this summer berries and earl grey cream dessert! #berries #earlgreytea #whippedcream

i’m happy the summer berries and earl grey cream post did well, because i was (let’s be real, still am) obsessed with earl grey tea.

These milk chocolate chunk scones with strawberry whipped cream are served with the latter for a reason! It makes these scones even more decadent and add a hint of strawberry. #milkchocolate #scones #brunch #strawberry

i broke with tradition, and posted milk chocolate chunk scones with strawberry whipped cream for my blogiversary instead of cake. not some random plain scones though, because it was a blogiversary after all.

The rosemary in these rosemary no churn ice cream pops is tempered by a generous amount of dark chocolate. #rosemary #nochurnicecream #icecream #dessert

my contribution to this year’s popsicle week were these rosemary no churn ice cream pops! dipped in dark chocolate and chopped almonds for good measure.

my faves from 2017

These garlicky buttermilk mashed potatoes don't even need a pat of butter on top, but why not? It's Thanksgiving. #thanksgiving #mashedpotatoes #garlicmashedpotatoes

not a 2017 fave in my mind, since i’ve been having these garlicky buttermilk mashed potatoes for thanksgiving for many, many years (i’d wager 15+), but new to the blog.

This herbed feta and mushroom confit crostini is perfect topped with a super runny egg yolk. #basil #feta #toast #mushroom

THAT EGG on this herbed feta and mushroom confit crostini! and i’m not even the biggest fan of oozy yolks. but buttery mushrooms and salty, herby feta spread got me feeling some type of way.

This summer fruit and tofu coconut forbidden rice is a great excuse to incorporate awesome summer fruit into dinner. #watermelon #nectarines #coconutmilk #forbiddenrice

my favorite season hands down is summer because of all the produce, so i had to include this summer fruit and tofu coconut forbidden rice as a celebration of all that watermelon and stone fruit and deliciousness.

The chocolate glaze shines gloriously on these chocolate hi hat cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream. #peanutbutter #chocolate #cupcakes #buttercream

i could stare at that glossy chocolate glaze on these chocolate hi hat cupcakes with peanut butter buttercream for daysss.

The basic cream puff gets an upgrade when the whipped cream filling is flavored with jasmine tea. #jasminetea #creampuffs #whippedcream #dessert

almost didn’t put these jasmine cream puffs on the list, but in honor of getting published (even if it’s hard for most people to access said publication lol), i figured they deserved a spot (; plus, cream puffs!!

check out 2016’s review!

Some of the highlights from Delicious Not Gorgeous in 2017, including these chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and this summer fruit filled forbidden rice. #cupcakes #rice #fruit #chocolate

50 Replies to “Delicious Not Gorgeous Review 2017”

  1. My cup of tea ! Thank you so much !

  2. What fun! Don’t throw away that cast-iron skillet!

    1. haha haven’t thrown away the skillet, just tucked it in a corner of the garage and pointedly forgotten about it.

  3. I love earl grey anything too! But those chocolate hi-hats — wowowowow! Thanks for sharing your recap of 2017, Heather! Looking forward to seeing more good eats in 2018!

    1. speaking of earl grey, i got what i thought was a rose and earl grey latte last week. the rose was super strong and i couldn’t taste the earl grey (but i thought it was the rose overpowering it or something). finished the drink and only then realized that the barista somehow gave me rose coffee instead. the face palm emoji comes to mind lol.

  4. Love to review all of your greatest hits – I totally agree about the hi-hat cupcakes, not in the least since they are pb + chocolate = my totally favorite combination. Can’t wait to see more this year!

    1. ahhhh yes pb + chocolate is always a good combo. in fact: had some really tasty pb chocolate chip pancakes (the size of dinner plates!) for brunch yesterday (:

  5. Love those hi-hat cupcakes and those garlic mashed potatoes photo is the bomb!! All of them look amazing and even with the fails, there is always humor later…eventually. haha! Hoping you have a wonderful 2018 Heather!! xo Looking forward to your new creations!

    1. hahahah “later… eventually” was definitely the case with the pancakes (i don’t have pics of it, but i tired out a non-stick skillet that was too big and then one that was really small and then screwed up flipping some so my kitchen was just a pancake explosion that day).

  6. Great review, so many recipes to try!

  7. Eeeek now I know the story of how you cut yourself! Knives! Freak me out. What a delicious year you had!!! 🙂

    1. it wasn’t even a massive scary knife!! just a butterknife. sigh.

  8. Yum! Each one of these recipes is so perfect. I fell in love with those rosemary no churn ice cream pops, Heather. 😉

    1. thanks, agness! those ice cream pops are so easy and i love how no churn ice cream in general is so much easier than cooking a custard + using an ice cream machine (:

  9. Your fails had me totally laughing! You have such an entertaining way of writing 🙂 your favorites for 2017 are on point girlfriend! Happy New Year!!

    1. haha glad i could be of entertainment to you (;

  10. hey Heather!
    This post gave me a good laugh, thanks!
    And I certainly can’t tell that the mushroom tortellini were a trial!

    1. i almost didn’t want to take a picture of the tortellini – i was so mentally done with them before i even tasted one (;

  11. What an amazing year of food on your blog! I love that you included some fails too. It’s nice to know bloggers are human and mess up recipes once in a while :). Can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2018!

    1. haha even the big big bloggers are human with their recipe strugs (;

  12. The fails made me giggle, thanks for keeping it real! Love all of the favs, but those hi hat cupcakes were stunning!

    1. sensing a trend here – people seem really into the cupcakes, but i completely understand! (:

  13. What a great year Heather! Love that you shared your fails! I can’t count how many times I’ve left an ingredient out of a recipe, or my creative idea was an epic flop! Love that you’re so candid about it! But the show stopper are those cupcakes! I could stare at them all day too!

    1. sometimes i’m SO SURE that something will taste amazing… and then it doesn’t. usually it’s bland, not a matter of being so bizarre that no one wants to eat anymore (;

  14. Great year in review! So many delicious recipes; I really need to try your scone recipe. The fails had me laughing. I can totally relate; I made so many fails this year, but just couldn’t bring myself to take pics.

    1. i took pictures just for this post’s purpose! the tortellini actually came out looking like tortellini though, so that was my validation and satisfaction after the struggles 😅

  15. so good of you to share your fails! Next time dust a tray with semolina and your pasta won’t stick 🙂

    1. oooh good tip! i think spacing them out on wax paper (and not touching each other) then freezing them would have worked, but my brain wasn’t working right (i think there’s a reason why people don’t cook at 1am!).

  16. Ha! I laughed and smiled at your year in review. Overall it’s been a highly delicious one, and I loved reviewing some of your successes (and even the not-so-successful ones!). Happy new year, sweet!

  17. I LOVE reviews! And can’t believe how barve you were to share your fails. LOL.
    So interesting to see what recipes resonate with your readers.
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Here’s to a FAB 2018!

    1. i like laughing at myself (okay, to a certain degree lol), so i thought it’d be fun to post my fails (;

  18. Yummy! So many delicious recipes which are making my mouth water, Heather. 😉

    1. thanks, agness! glad you liked this post.

  19. This is a great 2017 in review! I especially reading the bloopers, and I’m loving the glossy glaze on the hi hat cupcakes too!

    1. the bloopers and behind the scenes are some of the best parts anyways (;

  20. Ha! I should do a FAILS vs WINS recipe blog post- cause um, I would have way more FAILS than wins! LOL! Hey, we are only human, right?!

    1. yeah, i’d love to see one! haha i’ve definitely had weeks where nothing has come out and i’m scared to even make toast (;

  21. What an awesome year!! looking forward to following you into 2018!! <3 –

  22. Nothing wrong with still talking about 2017 :). I am so bad with cast iron skillets, I try to avoid them like a plague. I love how you explored so much with different recipes last year and learned some valuable lessons. Haha, I love how you had a virtual midsummer potluck with other bloggers! You’re so good at the food presentation as well. Hope 2018 will be a year of cute foodie pics!

    1. i hear so many good things about cast iron skillets though, and i love crusty exteriors! someday i’ll have a well-seasoned one that works how i want it to (;

  23. I really liked the Hi hat cupcakes, the rosemary popsicles and the milk chocolate scones! I also liked several other recipes that didn’t make here!! I am hoping, I will come across some fine recipes on your blog this year too! Cheers!

    1. yes, the sweet recipes are some of my favorites, too (;

  24. Arg! Quinoa always seems like a good idea! Cast iron skillets are a bit of a learning curve if you were raised on non-stick pans (like myself). I still feel uncomfortable about using mine.
    I love, love love your hi hat cupcakes. No wonder they are a top recipe!
    Happy New Year!

    1. hahah i’ve had a quinoa breakfast cookie recipe bookmarked for a while, and now i’m re-thinking if that would actually be tasty (;

  25. What a great list, well done for fessing up to kitchen fails. We all have them and as bloggers I think we have more of them than non bloggers! I still remember that earl gray cream…… mmmmmm yum 😀 Looking forward to see what 2018 brings you 🙂 Happy New Year.

    1. i think it’s because we experiment around a lot more than non bloggers! the majority of people i know stick to brownies and cookies and muffins when they’re baking (:

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