I Hope She’s Happy: A Tortilla Speaks Out

You may remember that I shared a poem about cake last month. Here’s the other food poem I wrote for my class.

I Hope She’s Happy: A Tortilla Speaks Out

Things start to pile on me
a shower of rice filled with zingy herbs and citrus,
a cozy blanket of carnitas
but then
chunks of pico snake their way into my ears
guacamole rich enough to make me gag
fingers manipulate me
twist and contort me
willing me to hold in my flavorful friends.

Handed to a woman
luckily She’s not cruel
teeth not as searingly painful
than my brothers warned me about

It’s narrow, windy, scary
I say goodbye to my friends
we separate, having
served our purpose
each bidding a forever good night, don’t
let the acids bite.

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