Kimchi Fried Rice on Thursdays

This kimchi fried rice features plenty of that tangy, spicy, slightly crunchy kimchi. #kimchi #friedrice #asian

i was stuck in stats discussion last quarter while the heavily accented ta rambled on. it was a total waste of time for me because i couldn’t understand anything he said, but i went because i overslept and missed lecture that morning (10am is way too early), and i needed to make up attendance. anyways, no one ever went to discussion, so it was really hard to hide in all that open air and be on my phone without looking slacker-ish/disrespectful, so i was brainstorming food ideas in my stats notebook. and then i remembered the kimchi fried rice i used to make for lunch on thursday back in high school (we used to take it sloowwww) when i got out early, and how i thought it was a perfectly fine/easy lunch whereas mom thought it time-intensive and ridiculous.

to start my kimchi fried rice, i’d take some leftover rice (what asian family doesn’t have leftover rice?) and cook that in a small frying pan with a drizzle of oil until crispy. sometimes it was until the rice was just warm, if my tummy was extra growly or i was just impatient to go watch tv and eat. i’d crack in an egg, scrambled because i don’t like to eat plain yolk on its own (idk) and let that cook until it was completely dry. i had this thing where runny eggs made me gag; forget poached or sunny-side up (except in dolsot bibimbap, that was always fine). i’m getting better about it, but it can still be a struggle. i’m trying, but it’s hard to get help for these kinds of things. egg therapists aren’t the most available people.

anyways, i’d pile in some frozen peas and let those defrost and warm through. or sometimes i’d use leftover cooked leafy greens from the previous night: spinach, chard, kale, but really any veggie works. then the kimchi, cooked to get rid of any particularly strong fermented notes. my mom always puts hao you (oyster sauce) in her fried rice (my dad doesn’t; that’s how i differentiated their versions when i was little), but i think it’s kinda weird with the kimchi. a dousing of soy sauce and sesame oil, a healthy sprinkling of sesame seeds or furikake and a tiny dash of fish sauce to finish. fish sauce is quite potent, but i don’t care how my breath smells; it’s not like i have anyone to kiss. oh wow, that sounded desperate and pathetic, but i don’t need a boyfriend. friends would be nice though. we sang “please come home for christmas” in choir last year, and the most memorable line was, “and i have no friends,” especially sung to friends while making the most gorgeous faces.

there’s nothing better than a hot bowl of this kimchi fried rice plus a rerun of a medical drama that i am still too emotionally invested in or whatever food show was on that day before starting procrastination homework.

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  1. This is great because lately I've had this weird brain obsession with making fried rice with kimchi and bacon and wasn't sure if it would really work! Still not sure if the bacon would work >< but this sounds absolutely delicious!

    I am a runny yolk lover, but as soon as any undercooked egg white is involved I'm OUT. That shit makes me gag.

    1. Bacon goes with everything! jk, but it’s really good in here, I swear (: you could do a fried egg on top instead of scrambled egg on the inside (or even in addition to scrambled egg if you really love eggs); my mom loves doing that.

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