London 2018 – Europe Part 1

The Tower Bridge in London #london #towerbridge #architecture

a few highlights from my london 2018 trip! this is a 2 part series- i’ll post the paris part once i edit the pictures.


Tabbouleh, burger, fish and chips, hummus and calamari from The Railway in London. #london #salad #dinnerout

the railway: first dinner in london! i can’t remember what my dad got but i’d bet my stand mixer that it was fish and chips. update: i’ve gotten confirmation that it was schnitzel, so i would have lost my stand mixer. mom got butternut squash hummus (i’m not one of those people who is against unusual things in my hummus but now that i know, please get your squash out of my hummus) and fried calamari. i had a tabbouleh salad with fresh plums and halloumi. dang i liked this. also i have become the person who goes to europe to rave about salad instead of pastries. sigh.

Scotch egg, dosa and Ethopian food for lunch from Borough Market in London. #london #boroughmarket #dosa #scotchegg #ethiopianfood

borough market for lunch. we didn’t wander much before committing to the food we ended up eating for lunch, which was such a mistake. there was so much to eat (oh my there was a massive wok filled with paella and mom and i were so sad we didn’t get to try this), and i couldn’t even happily sample after lunch because i was so full. sniff. anyways, i got a so-so dosa, which i felt could have been crispier, but i loved all the toppings. my family swapped around the dosa, along with some ethiopian food and a scotch egg with sweet potato fries. there was also a really sad, really thin smoothie. there was a cooking demo happening while we were eating, and that was exciting. even more exciting because they gave out samples!!! what a great place. 10/10 would go back.

one of my mom’s must-do’s was harrod’s, which i mistakenly thought was a big clothing store. there are clothes, but the real excitement is the food. there’s a deli section and produce and pastries and chocolate and coffee, so of course we came away with a raspberry custard croissant.

Sweet potatoes and eggplant dishes from Ottolenghi in London. #london #ottolenghi #sweetpotatoes #eggplant

ottolenghi: i made everyone stop by here, and we ended up getting a few containers of vegetables: one with yogurty eggplant and the other with sweet potatoes topped with corn, green onions and pickled red onions. maybe not revolutionary, though the sweet potatoes were addictive enough for me to hunt for ottolenghi’s recipe for it.

Pizza and Vietnamese vermicelli noodle salad from Camden Lock Market in London. #london #camdenlockmarket #vietnamesefood #pizza

camden lock market: food-wise, borough market was more exciting, but this market is gorgeous. there’s locks near the market, which just isn’t a thing at all the california food halls i’ve explored in. the vietnamese vermicelli bowl i had was pretty meh (the sauce overpowered everything); luckily the pizza and (not pictured) pesto pasta were tasty and redeemed our experience.

Biryani, daal, chicken korma, lamb kabobs, raita, naan and chutneys from Dishoom in London. #indianfood #london #daal #biryani #kabob #naan #chutney

dishoom: yesssssssssssssss. go. here. it’s a+. if dishoom is any indication of how good indian food is in london, we should have had more indian food and less bangers and mash. we had a super flavorful biryani, a creamy chicken korma like dish, as much raita as i could spoon into my mouth, a cold chickpea salad that was really nice against all the hot creamy spicy stuff, fluffy naan, daal that was pretty flavorful given the fact that it’s essentially a mess of lentils, lamb kabobs and all these chutneys. i was so full after this, not in the least due to my finishing off the bowl of raita like it was soup and not a condiment.

Roast duck with mashed potatoes, strawberry and tomato salad, duck and waffle, and a duck burger from Duck and Waffle in London. #london #duckandwaffle #waffles #sliders #dinnerout

duck & waffle: last meal! i had a tomato and strawberry salad (kind of bland but whatever), and a duck doughnut. loved the orange vibe going on, the duck was super tender and presentation was bomb (a doughnut that when you split it open reveals all that shredded duck treasure hidden inside), even if the doughnut itself was on the tough side. the duck and waffle, as well as the slider, were delicious, though.


Stairway in Tate Modern in London. #london #tatemodern #museums

tate modern: this may have been my favorite museum. which is funny because my brother napped through most of it on a random couch, and because it was a random (but free and air conditioned) stop before phantom of the opera. there were so many interesting exhibits- there was a yayoi kusama piece which was cool bc i haven’t seen his la art yet, there was a stack of bricks that gave me the best giggles i’ve had in a while, henri matisse’s snail, and a terrifying pinocchio-like creature that was shackled and dragged around a room. good museum, yo.

London architecture #london #towerbridge #architecture

london walking tour: tried to keep an open mind but the audio guide got to be a bit much at times, hence my occasional break from rick steves with ella mai (she’s from london so it’s relevant enough). whoops. though i do have to give it credit for taking us to the twinings tea shop, where they had free samples!!! bottomless arnold palmers, please.


phantom: i’ve known and liked the songs (masqueradeeeeeee paper faces on parade) for a while, and yet didn’t know that much about the story. welp, thank you london for educating me about how creepy this story is. i read the synopsis for the sequel for love never dies, and dang, i’ve never read a musical plot that i’d hate to see more.

les mis was fantastic. best musical of the three (all i have to say for school of rock is that i accidentally napped through 30 min of it) we saw in london. i’ve seen it before so i know the story and the music but these people were such great singers. i literally shivered when eponine sang. it might have been the a/c, but let’s go with how good her voice was.

Street art in London 2018 #london #streetart

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28 Replies to “London 2018 – Europe Part 1”

  1. I haven’t been to London yet. Looks amazing!
    Going to a musical would be so fun!!

    1. ooh hope you get to go soon! there’s so many great places to watch musicals in the us so that might be a little easier to do than london (;

  2. London still awaits me! *sigh* One of these days! Love your pics!! What an epic trip! 🙂

    1. you’ll have to find one of those deals! there’s a lot of cheap (but maybe shady lol) airlines out there (;

  3. I love london! your pics have me wishing to return soon!

  4. I love London, but haven’t been there for so many years! You are so giving me the travel bug! When we were there the Harrod’s food hall was a highlight! No Ottolenghi in those days, but that alone makes me want to buy my ticket ASAP!!

    1. harrod’s was great! if it was a little less busy, then i would have spent even more time in there (; and ottolenghi + dishoom were definitely worth the hype!

  5. LOVE THIS POST!!! Europe is on my bucket list and I am pretty jealous of all the amazing food and places you got to visit while there 🙂 Can’t wait for part two!!!!!!

    1. ahh hope you get to go soon!!! it’s such a fun place to visit (:

  6. I love London, the accents, the cabs, the cars on the wrong side of the street and all the fun pubs. OMG, that food looks amazing. I would love to try that tabbouleh salad with halloumi cheese… yummy. That scotch egg looks tasty. A deli, produce, pasture, and chocolate section in Harrod’s??? Wow, I’m impressed. Hello Duck Waffle 🙂 Thank you for sharing all of these awesome pictures.

    1. the tabbouleh was so good! i loved all the salty cheese and juicy plums- such a fun take on tabbouleh (:

  7. We had paella from that place in Borough Market – and it was good 🙂 Les Mis is my all time favourite and Eponine’s song always sends shivers down my spine. Even if I listen on CD. Harrods Food Hall is amazing and I can spend hours there.

    1. AHHH guess i’ll have to go back for that paella (; and yes les mis all the way!!!

  8. I love London, but I never looked at it as a culinary experience. Love it! Love your photography too

    1. thanks! i feel like london has a bad reputation for food, but there’s so many great places popping up (:

  9. I thinks it’s wonderful that you travel so much! Traveling and experiencing other parts of the word or our own country only enriches our lives. Your London trip sounds wonderful!

  10. So wonderful you’re overseas enjoying everything London has to offer. I personally prefer Liverpool, but only because the people seem nicer. I was treated poorly by quite a few folks the last time I visited London but that doesn’t mean it’s not an amazing town! So happy you’re having a trip of a lifetime 😀

    1. oooh i’ll have to go torture myself with liverpool pictures and blog posts later (;

  11. I have gone to London LOTS of times but not for a food tour, so THAT needs to happen ASAP!

    1. ooh yes!!! there’s so many cute cafes that i didn’t get to visit so i feel like there’s endless food to try there (;

  12. Welcome back from London! The food you had looks amazing. The butternut squash hummus sounds tasty – something I haven’t eaten before, hehe. I like the pizza in the background!

    I’ve heard of chicken and waffles but duck and waffle sound like a whole different ball game! Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

    Nancy ♥

    1. can pizza just become a default background?! and the duck and waffle was so tasty- it was a duck confit so that didn’t hurt either (;

  13. Love watching london through your photos 🙂

    1. thanks priya!!! these pictures came out even though i didn’t bring my best lens (;

  14. Sounds like you had a great time, I have to admit when I lived in London I lived off Indian food. Some of the best Indian food I have ever had was in London… I’m drooling just thinking back on it. Looking forward to part 2.

    1. ahh i’m so sad i only had dishoom in london! i’m sure there were so many other great indian places that i missed out on.

  15. Wow, what an amazing trip! London is such a happening city with so much global food to try and places to see. Can’t wait to see your part 2 of your Europe adventures!
    Juju Sprinkles

    1. aw thanks! my original plan was to post the next part tomorrow but we’ll see if i can edit the pics in time (;

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