NYC in January

Surprisingly, the Brooklyn Bridge is nice and toasty if you go on a blustery morning when you're in NYC in January. #brooklynbridge #brooklyn #bridges #architecture

recently returned from a trip to nyc in january! it was cheapppp ($250 roundtrip tickets from california, and a 3 night stay at a hotel in tribeca was $450 when it’s normally $350+/night in the summer) because of how cold it was (you better bet i brought my ski gloves to combat the 27f weather), so we hopped on it real quick.

let’s be real, i was here for the food.

If you eat this Japanese shaved ice (mint chocolate shaved ice, orange whipped cream, cocoa pebbles) in the warmth of Canal Street Market, you can almost ignore the fact that you're eating ice in NYC in January. #shavedice #kakigori #orange #mintchocolate #nyceats

first: if you don’t follow foodbabyny on instagram, you need to. maybe after you go through your social media detox (if that’s one of your january goals); nevertheless, a must follow. without them, definitely would not have heard of bonsai kakigori, a japanese shaved ice place inside of canal street market, a mere few blocks from our hotel.

we split a blood orange and chocolate version, with mint chocolate shaved ice, orange whipped cream and cocoa pebbles. i know one person who would be very against this flavor combo (ahem, my mother), but it works really well. the mint keeps the sweetness from all the toppings in check, the chocolate is dark, the whipped cream fluffy and super bright with citrusyness, and the cocoa pebbles a happily crunchy crispy surprise in the middle. perfect pre-dinner, i must say.

Black tea and oolong swirl soft serve with mini and big boba from Bar Pa Tea! It's so good you'll want to eat it year-round, even when you're in NYC in January. #softserve #icecream #boba #newyorkcity

i was surprised that new york wasn’t that diverse – maybe (ha, definitely) i’ve been sheltered in my california bubble, but there were more african americans and fewer asian americans than i expected in nyc.

it felt like home though as soon as we neared bar pa tea, a dinky all-white aesthetic shop with packs of asian american students everywhere. we got oolong and black tea-flavored soft serve topped with boba. wow. super smooth, love that you can get a mix of small and big pearls, and strongly tea-infused without being bitter. like if you froze milk tea. if you’re into matcha love’s soft serve, then you will like this. it’s hard to taste the oolong apart from the black tea, though it’s delicious regardless.

This croissant has melty chocolate in the middle, and it's topped with marshmallow-y meringue and toasted hazelnuts. Perfect way to treat yourself if you're in NYC in January! #croissants #chocolate #hazelnuts #nutella

my parents had already raved about supermoon bakehouse when they went to nyc in oct 2018, plus i have stopped by mr. holmes (the founder of mr. holmes left and later opened supermoon) in sf/tustin a few times, so i knew this place was going to be a winner winner croissant dinner.

i grabbed a ferraro (chocolate hazelnut) and a black forest (chocolate creme patisserie and cherry jam) croissant. both were fantastic croissants on their own – super flaky and messy as can be. the chocolate hazelnut one was just fine, more like a croissant filled with super melty nutella, albeit with a couple of coveted toasted hazelnuts on top. the black forest was my favorite of the two, with light, creamy chocolate and plenty of fruity sweet cherry jam. mmmm. and these kept really well – i brought them home and they were only a little smeared, even though they’d been towed along on a walk, a subway, a bus, an airtrain, a plane, and a car over the course of 11 hours.

caution: their matcha is very intense. it’s sweet and milky but their matcha is otherworldly marvel-superhero strong. my friend drank no more than a sip before i co-opted it, opened my throat wide, and chugged it bc neither of us wanted to waste it.

i also brought a plie au chocolat from maison kayser home, though this one didn’t fare as well as the supermoon goodies (i kept forgetting about it and smooshing it in my jacket). toasted up though? deliciously flaky tender layers of pastry despite the mangling, with melty molten chocolate and creamy custard. the custard wasn’t like a thick layer (ie you’re not going to see a full creme brulee here), and instead overall added to the decadence.

Cozy up to tasty pork dumplings drenched in spicy sweet sauce if you're in NYC in January! #dumplings #potstickers #gyoza #lunchtime

not revolutionary, but i really enjoyed the dumplings from mimi cheng’s. the mighty vegetable dumplings were a little ho hum (probably my fault for ordering veggie dumplings in the first place), but nothing their sweet chili soy special sauce couldn’t fix. the pork ones were delicious. i had mine boiled, which felt like a nice hug of a last real meal (we had a few more snacks after the dumplings lol) in nyc.

If you're in NYC in January, sunrise might be the only time you see sun all day, so make good use of it! #skyline #newyorkcity #empirestatebuilding #sunrise

shoutout to the following honorable mentions as well:

i love pickles and olives. i used to pickle jars upon jars of daikon in high school (at which point my brother would banish me to the garage to eat it because the scent is not for the faint of heart), and i was definitely that child who put olives on her fingers and ate them like candy.

so ofc i had to make a stop at the pickle guys. they let you buy cucumber pickles individually, because as much as i like pickles, even i can’t mow through a quart in a few hours (i probably could, i probably shouldn’t). i had their full and half sours, which didn’t open up a new pickle nirvana for me, but dang they were still nice snacks (and a great reward once we got to the airport to fly home, because we had to transfer 3 times between different public transportation methods. eek).

i judged tim ho wan really hard before we started eating the dim sum – they were playing michael jackson (…why), and the dim sum looked super pale and bland and not heurng (a chinese term for how brown and therefore how flavorful something is; the chinese way of talking about the maillard reaction).

but yum. the har gao and siu mai were super plump and flavorful, and the shrimp inside the har gao is what my mom would describe as crispy because it was so juicy and delicious. the char siu baos had bolo bao toppings (think the craquelin on a cream puff), which i normally don’t like, but it wasn’t too sweet and was nice and crispy in this case.

NYC in January is pretty cold, but that doesn't mean you can't have an iced rose milk tea! #milktea #newyorkcity #nyc #koreatown

there’s a surprising lack of boba in midtown/chelsea/east village/tribeca/etc. there’s boba guys, gongcha, kung fu tea, etc, but nothing you can’t get in the bay area. enter grace street cafe. it was poppin when we got there, and was such a nice place to relax and hang out. my friend loved her rose milk tea so much that she had to return again before the trip was over.

It might be a bit cold if you take the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty in NYC in January, but it's well worth the cold fingers and wind-reddened cheeks. #statueofliberty #ferry #newyorkcity #nyc #travel

despite what it sounds like, we did some none food things. mostly the tourist basics: the statue of liberty and ellis island, world trade center, the true original mickey exhibit (this was essentially my friend’s motivation for going to nyc. think mickey re-interpreted by modern artists into new art. i really enjoyed the compilation of steamboat willy scenes that 30 artists put together), etc.

If you find yourself in NYC in January (specifically before Feb 3, 2019), go see Sara Bareilles in Waitress! #waitress #musicals #newyorkcity #broadway

my favorite activity? WAITRESS. the main protagonist was played by sara bareilles (you have until feb 3 to see her as jenna! gogogo), who was amazing and made this a concert and a musical. it was witty and sad and i was thoroughly entertained. i didn’t fall asleep once, even though i was terrified my sleep deprived body would force me to.

Ellis Island is full of information and things to see, making it a great spot to hide away from the cold if you're in NYC in January. #ellisisland #newyorkcity #nyc #newyork

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other adventures besides nyc in january

Marionberry Greek yogurt from Elleno's in Seattle, WA. Travel Guide to Seattle: Delicious Not Gorgeous Edition #seattle #washington #travel


Breakfast burritos and a massive doughnut from Rose Cafe in San Jose.

sf bay area

24 Replies to “NYC in January”

  1. I love NYC anytime of the year. Christmas is most especially amazing. And the food …. what more can I say. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. ahh i haven’t gone during christmas but i can only imagine how much more magical it would be then!

  2. They are looking very delicious!

    1. thanks! so much good food in new york :3

  3. I love NYC! I really need to go again on a food and theatre-oriented trip! You’ve made me envious and wanting to just buy a ticket and go! Thanks for the delicious mini-vacay in my head!

    1. ahh you do! it’s freezing + it’s not holidays, so it might be the cheapest time of year for flights + accommodations!

  4. I love NYC! So much to see and so much good food! It’s been a while since I’ve been there. I was there in November once, but never January! I’ll have to look into it next year to see if I can get a good deal! Thanks for sharing Heather!

    1. hope you get to go again soon! i still have a bunch of places i want to visit but didn’t get to, since there’s just so much to eat and do (:

  5. I want to go! Sounds like you had a great time. Those croissants — I want them all! 🙂 OMG!!!

    1. when you go, you’ll have to just get one of each croissant they have and do a full review for the rest of us and drive us insane with croissant jealousy (;

  6. Looks like you had fun! (I didn’t know Sara B. was acting!)

    1. yeah! i know that she did a stint on “waitress” in 2018 with jason mraz too, so i have a feeling she’s only dabbled in acting there, but i would be so excited to see her take on more acting/musical projects.

  7. Wow! $350 round trip, from California??? That’s a great deal. I would be there or the food too!! I love New York. I’m addicted to dim sum and I could devour both plates of these dumplings, chili oil is a must, veggie dumplings can be bland. OMG Look at those breakfast burrito, now I want a breakfast burrito

    1. yes, it was so cheap! alaska airlines, i tell you (; and that sweet/chili/soy sauce made the dumplings 3290x tastier (but when doesn’t sauce make things better?!).

  8. I am SO JEALOUS!!!! First off the food you ate looks amazing. I have never been to NY but I want to go….and of course mainly because of the food!! That is so cool that you saw Waitress while you were there too. Looks like an awesome trip Heather! XOXO

    1. oh, you’ll have to and eat all the amazing things! i only ate a small sample of everything they have there, so you’ll have to make a dent in the rest (;

  9. Aah I’ve only been to NY once, but you’re making me want to go back. You definitely go for the food! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

    1. you’ll have to go back! i’m sure there’s so much more that’s popped up since you last went (:

  10. Oh wow, you got a great deal for your flight to NYC!! The food you’ve eaten looks delicious! Yummmm at the soft serve. I would have thought NYC would be super diverse considering its history. YUMMMMMM at the croissant!!! Oh wow, I’ve heard of intense matcha but at least no one let this go to waste. I am a sucker for pickles. OH man, the typical boba chains are EVERYWHERE! Glad you enjoyed your time!

    Nancy ♥

    1. the soft serve and pickles were definitely some of my favorites! you might get the soft serve in california, but pickle shops like that just aren’t in the bay area/la/the oc (;

  11. Woahh the food is one of the things that makes we want to go the NYC right now. Everything looks so good!

    1. the food was incredible! the main problem is finding the stomach space for everything you want to try (;

  12. This is a lovely journey in NYC. I’ve never been there but your pictures sound like an invitation 🙂

    1. thanks! oh you’ll have to go – there’s so much to eat. and things to see/do, in between all the food (;

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