Grapefruit Green Tea Recipe

A tall glass of orange-y colored iced grapefruit green tea with a metal straw.

How to Make Grapefruit Juice You can’t have grapefruit green tea without the (surprise!) grapefruit. If you’re making a glass for yourself as a quick afternoon break, I’d recommend squeezing by hand. If you’re prepping a big batch for you and all your friends and family (hi, can we be friends?), then an electric juicer […]

Mango Pomelo Sago

A white bowl filled with pale yellow mango coconut smoothie topped with mango and pomelo chunks.

This mango pomelo sago is a fairly easy Chinese dessert to make, unlike some of the astounding pandemic bakes I’ve been seeing (Kinako chiffon roll cakes filled with red bean, whipped cream and mochi??? Strawberry genmaicha cream puffs?? Feed me please). You boil some chewy, bouncy sago and stir them into a mango coconut smoothie, […]

Honey Toast Recipe

Put your tongue back in your mouth. Yep, it's a block of toast, buttered and honeyed, and then filled with ice cream, cookies and fruit. #honey #toast #icecream #dessert

What is honey toast? I first had honey toast (also know as brick toast, given the shape, or Shibuya toast, since it originated from Shibuya, Japan) at Shokudo in Hawaii. I wasn’t convinced at first- the name is unassuming, and I could squirt honey out of a plastic bear on a piece of toast at […]

Gochujang Sauce

Bowl with rice, tofu, broccolini, kimchi, carrots and gochujang sauce.

how to make gochujang sauce most of the work that goes into making this gochujang sauce is already done by the time you buy some gochujang, or fermented korean red chili paste. which i realize is more stressful/hard/annoying/etc than it used to be; but it does keep for a long time in the fridge (shout […]

Mocha Cake with Coffee-Glazed Almonds

Take a bite out of this mocha cake!

welcome to the coffee extravaganza: this kahlua-spiked mocha cake is held together with coffee-scented buttercream and sprinkled with coffee-glazed almonds.  it’s the holidays, i’m officially off until dec 26th (yeehaw). i’m definitely a broken stand mixer at this point, but: i’m ready to hibernate under a blanket, with breaks to let friends into the house […]