Palo Alto: The HSM3 Tree is Impossible to Find

Apricot, blackberry jamble and earl grey ice cream from Tin Pot Creamery in Palo Alto, CA. #icecream #dessert #tinpotcreamery #paloaltoca

i grew up in the suburbs, but home is close to a bunch of different downtown areas, in addition to sf. day trip destination in question for this day back in august? palo alto. where’s palo alto? think stanford.

we ended up picking a weekend that featured an art and wine fair on university ave; the best part was watching artists draw on the blacktop, making beautiful pastel works. there were recognizable characters (iron man! nemo!), as well as more abstract things that i couldn’t even begin to label.

Salads from sweetgreen in Palo Alto, CA. #sweetgreen #salad #paloaltoca

we meandered over to sweetgreen, which we mostly decided upon with the mutual promise of getting ice cream after. hey, at least there was salad involved; some of my friends insist on all you can eat kbbq and then ice cream (at which point i don’t feel like i deserve or need to eat for the rest of the day). i had the hummus tahina bowl, aka the one with the plop of hummus in the middle. their falafel was a little dry and dense, but i otherwise loved this filling salad filled with lots of crunch and parmesan crisps (which i don’t think were supposed to be there, but were delicious all the same).

i was full but still managed to make space for some ice cream from tin pot creamery. we opted for a large, because it was cheaper than if we got 3 separate orders. our picks: cheesecake with apricots and almond toffee, blackberry jamble and earl grey. all of them had creamy mouthfeels, but still managed to be refreshing in their own way. the blackberry had sweet/tart notes from all the pockets of berries, the earl grey was deliciously strong without straying into bitter, and the cheesecake benefited from bits of apricot mixed in.

bolstered by the sugar, we walked over to stanford to try to find the tree used in the reprise of “can i have this dance” from hsm3 (my fave of the series, hands down, you can’t convince me otherwise). we had a list of places to go off of, called the visitors’ center and asked people (including a professor) if they knew where it was, but nothing. googling and trying to search different locations and hashtags on instagram was also a no go. i tried to wear cute shoes for once, but that was no bueno with all the back and forth we were doing. we finally gave up after 2 hours. at least the salad and ice cream were worth.

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6 Replies to “Palo Alto: The HSM3 Tree is Impossible to Find”

  1. Eeeep super dry falalfel is no bueno in my book. I’m glad the rest of it was good, but could you ask for a different piece? I say that because I’m a carb girl and when the bread aint right, we gotta start over!

    1. i kind of wished that i had brought a container of falafels from my fave to go place (falafels for only 50 cents each! with 2 sauces!) and added those 😅

      1. You know the emoji with the wide eyes and open mouth? I literally made that face when I read that deal. OMGut!!!!

        1. it’s almost too good of a deal; in high school i used to get a few for an after school snack on the way home!

  2. That ice cream sounds really interesting – especially (for me!) the cheesecake apricot one! Sounds like a great adventure of a day. <3

    1. the ice cream is a bit on the pricy side, but it’s so silky and creamy, and the flavors are so unique/tasty, that it’s definitely worth it!

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