Procrastination Thursday

This week has been very… chill, shall we say. I had my last midterms last week, and although finals will be here in less than a month, I’m having trouble getting the motivation to do anything besides look for new food blogs, go on Pinterest to stare at food, watch YouTube to watch people make/talk about food, and message Yang for too many hours a day.

Here’s what I’ve been looking at, since I can’t seem to focus on school:

I like matcha Kit Kats, but I’m not so sure about butter ones. And this Kit Kat stores looks like the Nutella stall at Eataly, only better.

I saw an article on Buzzfeed about a guy who does art for each Disney animated film. They’re super cool, and I liked trying to figure out which ones were which; some of them were pretty easy (MULAN!!) but others I still have no clue about. Check his stuff out here.

I’ve also been watching plenty of SORTED Food (like this pancake battle) on YouTube. It’s a quad of four British guys, and I love how entertaining they are. Also, accents.

I was looking at my school newspaper, and someone did a write up about the 4th Street Market in Santa Ana. It sounds like the Ferry Building (SF) or San Pedro Square (San Jose) or Chelsea Market (NY) or even Grand Central Market (LA), though I can’t vouch for the last since I’ve yet to visit. And if you have no idea what any of these are, they’re basically like fancy food courts. I can’t wait to try out 4th Street; I just need to find 1) transportation and 2) someone to go with me. Both are fairly large obstacles. Sigh.

Just an FYI: I have a really big backlog of posts right now, so I’ll be posting a lot more than normal. Alright, off to class for three hours. At least we’re done with Hump Day.

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