Rant Thursday #1

Welcome to Rant Thursday, wherein I rant. There’s no alliteration, but some people abbreviate Thursday as R, so I’m just gonna make it work.

I wanted to go to IHOP on Tuesday for free pancakes (I’m not total ramen poor yet, but I spent wayyyy too much last Saturday going to UCLA and visiting with a friend and going to a concert and getting donuts; I’ll post about it soon). I had it all planned out- I asked the two people who I consider to be my closest friends here to go with me, I figured out how to bus there, I looked over the menu extensively for other things I wanted to order. And then an hour before we were supposed to leave, they both begged out, saying that they didn’t have enough money for the bus ride. Excuse me? The bus ride is $4, so don’t give me BS.

I went to an art and crafts club meeting yesterday. I went to it once last quarter and learned how to knit, and have been ribbed mercilessly about this by my family and friends. It’s okay, I’m basically a grandma on the inside. Anyways, I went for the first time this quarter and made a notebook and it was great. Everyone there was super welcoming, and who knows, maybe I found my people.

Being in college has made me closer with my family and high school friends. I talk to Yang too much (I have no idea how much time I spend messaging her and sending her things and watching things she sends me). And it was during one of these conversations that we decided we were going to see Kelly Clarkson and Pentatonix not only in Mountain View, but in LA as well. And while we’re at it, let’s roadtrip down to LA and go to our bookmarked restaurants and visit Disneyland (because the third person in our new adventure [adventure is out there!] trifecta works for Disney and she can get us in for free).

Poetry was deadly today. The prof was particularly rambly, and my mind drifted off to cake ideas- hot milk cake with mango creama (like a mango lassi!!) and miso-balsamic cake (uh yeah that one doesn’t seem as appetizing, but I’ve been mulling over miso for a while because everyone is doing miso in sweets).

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be stuffing granola in my face (I saw that Yang got Asian noodles, so I felt sorry for myself and got granola from the dining hall) and half-heartedly trying to understand economics.

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