Rant Thursday #2

Loving Tori Kelly’s EP, #FOREWORD. I’m only 1.5 years late!! And also been listening to Pentatonix’s “Natural Disaster” more than is healthy. That’s what happens when Yang is obsessed and constantly rams me with YouTube links.

When you buy tickets for Kelly Clarkson’s tour with Pentatonix during presale, but then want to be really annoyed when Groupon comes out with a deal and they’re magically $10 cheaper. Which is a lot when my ticket was $30.

When you’re stuck at school because of one final, but only need a 37% to pass the class because it’s P/NP. And then you’re so bored because there is no reason to study (nor are you interested in studying the rice mold that makes sake possible; it’s a bio class about food, aka my favorite bio class ever) and everyone else is studying or home, and you become mesmerized (for hours, too) by a random woman on YouTube frosting cakes.

Missing Disneyland. I went last minute last Friday with some high school friends and it was fabulous. We went on It’s a Small World three times and still couldn’t find the hidden Mickey’s. We ate a bunch of food (which was totally offset by the free tickets, since one of them works at a Disney store back home): salads because we tried to be semi-healthy at the beginning, and then beignets, Dole Floats, ice cream sandwiches, Ghirardelli mint chocolate sundaes and sandwiches. We did share the snacks though, so it’s not like we had our own for everything.

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