Rant Thursday #3

This past week, I was reading a food blogger’s post about a teriyaki stir-fry she made. She used bottled teriyaki, and I commented, wondering if she had ever made her own. She replied saying that the bottled stuff was dirt cheap and that she didn’t like making her own because it required at least ten ingredients.

I smell a steaming pile of BS.

Teriyaki can be made with two ingredients: soy sauce and sugar. That’s it. Yes, I do like to add mirin (Japanese cooking wine), garlic and ginger, but are they NECESSARY? No. And even if they were, that’s five ingredients, not ten. You might have to buy ginger and mirin if you don’t cook Asian food a lot and therefore don’t have them as pantry staples, but you should have soy sauce, sugar and garlic. If you go to Ranch 99 or H-Mart or whatever Asian grocery store, you can get the raw ingredients for pretty cheap, and I’m sure you could make it cheaper than if you bought it (of course, if you only consider the portion of ingredients you use for the teriyaki, not the whole bottle of soy/mirin/etc).


I’ve been obsessed with Korea for the past couple of weeks. Instead of studying for midterms (oops), I’ve been watching Korean food YouTube videos. I’ve been watching Eat Your Kimchi for a while, and I find their Canadian outlook on Korea to be really entertaining (I get irrationally annoyed when white people review China even though I am by no means whatsoever an expert on China, so this could come off as offending or childish if you are Korean).

I recently found Sweet and Tasty and SimplySusie this week (my food research skills are great). The former is an ABK (American born Korean- is that a thing? Because I know ABC is) who goes around Korea eating and talking about culture, and I happen to really like her language videos as well. This launched very long messages to Yang which consisted of a lot of “KIMBAP JUSEYO” and “JAPCHAE JUSEYO” (Juseyo means please give it to me, so it would be “Please give me the kimbap/japchae/etc”) and “masisseoyo” (delicious!).

SimplySusie is the only one of the three based in America, she does recipe videos and vlogs (whereas the other two mostly vlog about eating out, their experiences, etc). I have yet to try any of her recipes (REUNION WITH THE KITCHEN IN T-8 DAYS), but they all sound so delicious and easy that I really want to.

Happy Thursday. I’m sorry if you want to go to Korea now, but we can yearn and pine and drool and cry together because our salads pale in comparison to the banchan and bibimbap that they’re having.

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