Rant Thursday #4

random thoughts this week:

  • note to self- people like egg waffles a lot more than granola bars on ig, even if the granola is (at least i think) a better pic
  • why does it seem like so many food bloggers publish posts at 1/2am? do they schedule them to be published at these weird hours, or are they still on college student time?
  • bibimbap is a lot better when you have it with bulgogi rather than grilled chicken
  • i’m not going to eat this… okay just a bite… hmm this frosting is too sweet, maybe i should try the cake too.. oooh this cake is so moist and chocolatey and so much better than i thought it would be… oh my god where did the cupcake go
  • sometimes you just have to go rock out to jesse mccartney (his old stuff, please) and kelly clarkson (any of her stuff, please)
  • T-7 TIL THREE MONTHS OF FREEDOM. i have to take summer class at the local community college because they’re discontinuing a class i need (this is what i get for paying all this money??), and i need a job so i replenish some of my moolah stores, but there are plenty of adventures to be had and concerts to go to and things to bake and foods to eat and MY BODY IS READY.

4 Replies to “Rant Thursday #4”

  1. i was also wondering about the 1/2 am thing! i think that they usually post at normal times, and then if you're subscribed you'll get an email really early in the morning. still weird, though.

    1. that’s kind of funky, too; tech can be so confusing sometimes.

  2. Hahah are we the same person?? JUST SO YOU KNOW WAS (IS?) MY SONG.
    Girl, that's 1000% how I eat my cupcakes too. It's a cycle of sweet frosting to balance out the moist cupcake until "oops". I have a friend who always needs something sweet after dinner and then wants something salty to balance out the sweet!

    1. haha maybe! theres a french version (“de toi a moi”) that i got into during my french phase.
      my friend had a sundae and then decided that a pepperoni pretzel sounded good post-concert one night. the parallels here are too funny!

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