shenanigans #2

cypress tree tunnel in marin county, california

avocado toast with corn and feta | delicious not gorgeous

made avo toast inspired by how sweet it is. spread a quarter of a smashed avocado on a slice of good seeds bread (the 21 whole grains and seeds edition), sprinkled it with defrosted corn kernels (but go for the fresh stuff; it’s summer) and crumbled feta. and then also some salt and sliced basil, even though this part was after i took pics and realized it needed more oomph. it’s sweet and salty and creamy and cheesy and really tasty. do it.

yogurt, canteloupe and basil popsicles | delicious not gorgeousyogurt, canteloupe and basil popsicles | delicious not gorgeousyogurt, canteloupe and basil popsicles | delicious not gorgeous

unmelted, the woman, the warrior

hadn’t made popsicles in a while (read: 2 weeks), so i figured i should. mixed some greek yogurt with maple syrup, and layered it with pureed cantaloupe and sliced basil. the basil/fruit combo has been around for years, and the yogurt was for more volume. at first there was too much yogurt, so i licked that away first, and then the melty pop had the perfect fruit/yogurt ratio. i like this kind of “recipe development.”

perhaps you live in marin county (north of san francisco). or perhaps you like driving. or perhaps you have a friend who likes driving and dragging you to very far, very random places. i fall in the latter category. scooter dragged yang and i to the cypress tree tunnel, a casual 3 hour drive (one way, mind you, and thank you traffic). it was very pretty (see the header picture). and though it wasn’t as pretty, the polenta crepe with spinach and mushrooms and basil cream sauce i had after was much more memorable and tastier (this is a lie- i didn’t sample the tree bark or the leaves, so i don’t really know).

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