shenanigans #3

what i’ve been making and eating:

  • eggs. fried over greens sauteed with garlic. a frittata with herbes de provence and caramelized cauliflower and onion. or just plain scrambled (which is surprisingly satisfying for its simplicity).
  • crunchy salted pb. by the spoonful, on celery, in my morning quinoa/soy milk/raisins/cinnamon concoction.
  • quinoa salad with herbes de provence, thai basil, cubed watermelon, chicken, extra virgin olive oil and red wine vinegar. the watermelon tasted weird on its own, but was really tasty mixed with other things.

and i’ve been going out a lot. my cousin came down for work, and we hung out while she was here. we got korean fusion one night (bibimbap and kalbi tacos!!), and vietnamese the next (egg rolls and pho and some rice dish with tasty mystery meat). and then i went out for ayce kbbq last night with some friends, where i proceeded to give everyone multiple death glares for refusing to eat anymore and leaving me in the lurch. thanks, guys.

been busy with school; i always feel like i’m behind. i’m on the board for a club at school, and that’s been fun but also fairly time-consuming. there’s general meetings every week, plus the board meets outside once every one or two weeks to test out crafts for the workshops.

and i went to a free concert!! with someone i’ve actually heard of and like!! we got there at 4:30, and stood waiting until 7:45 when the opener finally came on, and then the header came on an hour later and it was so amazing!! even though i got separated from my friend and my feet hurt and i was right next to the speaker and they didn’t play my favorites from their newest album and i was so thirsty all i could think about for the last couple of songs was water.

that’s all i’ve been up to these past couple weeks! unless you want to hear me rant about my linear algebra professor who doesn’t think practice problems in class are necessary and whose accent is so thick i end up zoning out 3/4 of the time instead of trying to understand. anyways, hope you’ve been eating well and living it up!

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