Strawberries and Mint Cream

Want an easy summer dessert? Strawberries and mint cream is perfect for you. #strawberries #whippedcream #freshmint #dessert #glutenfree

i never thought it would happen to me. i’ve been so lazy to cook or bake (or work out or hang out or do anything not electronic-based), and i just want to do nothing on the sofa for the rest of the day. i just started an internship (my first paid one!! doing marketing for a sofa start-up), and goodness it’s draining. i’m there for 8 hours a day (sometimes less, but depends), and then tack on another 45 minutes each way for commuting, even though it’s only 15 miles away. 20 mph all the way home on the freeway is sucky.

so for those times (which sadly seem more frequent for me) when you feel like being a lazy butt but need dessert, welcome to strawberries and mint cream land. it’s a riff off of the og strawberries and cream, but with a hint of mint infused into the cream.

i cold infused mint leaves (picked off the stem) with enough heavy cream to cover generously, then muddled the mint a bit to get some of the mint oils to come out. i left it for 6 hours, since i wanted a fairly light minty note. after whipping (side note: did you know you can shake heavy cream in a jar to make whipped cream? just make sure the lid is on well and doesn’t leak so that your laptop stays nice and fat-free, oops), i folded in the cherry syrup that resulted from cherries cooked down with some apricot preserves and almond extract, just for a bit of sweetness and pink tint in the otherwise unsweetened cream. maple syrup or agave or sugar help give the whipped cream a bit of sweetness too, if you add either of the first two to the whipped cream or sugar before whipping.

You can see alllll the layers in this strawberries and mint cream dessert. #strawberries #whippedcream #freshmint #dessert #glutenfree

the cream (infusing and whipping) is the hardest part. the only thing left to complete your strawberries and mint cream is to layer chopped up berries with the cream, more mint if you want, and top it with whatever (i like toasted almonds, but toasted coconut or shaved dark chocolate or crumbled shortbread cookies would also be outrageous).

you get the creamy whipped cream that has a touch of mint (i noticed the longer the whipped cream sat, even when the mint was removed, the mint flavor got stronger but not unpleasantly so), sweet sweet strawberries, more of a mint hit with the ribbons of mint strewn throughout, and a light crunch from the toasted almonds.

i’d also like to mention that while i’m talking about strawberries and mint cream, this works with any fruit: i’ve personally devoured tested it with cherries and blueberries, and am drooling over the idea or pairing it with nectarines, plums, apricots, pluots, raspberries, blackberries…

you might be expecting a fourth of july dessert. i tried layering the cream with that aforementioned cherry sauce and blueberries, but the cherries and blueberries both started to bleed everywhere, and instead of a red, white and blue dessert, it was more of a red, magenta and purple. no bueno (though that was also delicious). so instead, you get red, white and green, which is slightly more italian looking than american. but if anyone you serve this to complains about that tiny detail, you should kick their butt out so fast they don’t even have a chance to dip their spoon into a cloud of mint cream. kidding (sort of).

Strawberries and mint cream is a take on the classic, with fresh mint leaves infused into the cream for an even fresher and more summery dessert. #strawberries #whippedcream #freshmint #dessert #glutenfree

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  1. pure genious!! i would have never thought to make mint cream!

    1. thanks anne! it’s amazing what happens when you have bits of things leftover from other recipes lying around in the fridge (;

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