No Mai Fan

No mai fan, or Chinese sticky rice, is a dim sum staple and major comfort food. #nomaifan #chinesestickyrice #chinese

saghar of lab noon sent out a call for a virtual midsummer potluck for peace, and i was on board 3409%. i don’t feel as fragile now as i did back in november, in a post-election haze. you know, when my already tear-y instincts were heightened to the point where i almost started bawling in […]

Zha Jiang Mian

This version of zha jiang mian features pasta topped with a flavorful Chinese black bean sauce, ground beef and crunchy cucumber.

i’ve been eating zha jiang mian for years. what? what is this asian thing you speak of? i liken it to a sweet version of spaghetti bolognese, but with sweet black bean sauce instead of tomato sauce. it’s soft and comforting, not to mention extremely easy. at least this iteration is; it’s from my mom’s […]