Espresso Bark

This espresso bark has plenty of chocolate: chocolate crispy cookies, chocolate covered espresso beans and a layer of chocolate to hold everything together.

Sometimes, the whimsical buche de noels with espresso Swiss meringue buttercream and walnut brittle and chocolate sponge and marzipan decorations or the mountainous croquembouches with miles of golden spun sugar sound lovely. Granted, it’s a small population who is attracted to making those types of desserts is few (unless you’re a desperate French student in […]

Nanaimo Bars

I came across Nanaimo bars while procrastinating and perusing food blogs (the usual). I read somewhere that they were of Canadian origin, so I talked to J, my Canadian contact for all things except hockey (to my disappointment, she somehow doesn’t have hockey infused in her blood). I should have never mentioned them to her. […]

Samoa Bars

My friend and I always give each other food on our birthdays. It doesn’t matter if we, like the last two years, are swamped with Homecoming and AP testing. Or that we’re not best friends anymore. We started this tradition in middle school, probably four years ago, and still make sure that food makes its […]