Berry Eton Mess

Mise en place all your components, and assembly for this berry eton mess is a breeze. #meringues #etonmess #blueberries #corn

this berry eton mess has some corn too, because why not?! it’s summer. i’m an adult now. let me re-phrase that: i started a full-time job last week. i still live at home and i received my horizontal license a bare few months ago, so i’m not an adult yet. but more of an adult […]

Corn Fritters

Easy corn fritters with summery, crunchy, sweet corn.

my dad saw this recipe for corn fritters and latched on. i was bored + i never really turn down a chance to bake/cook, so i got roped into helping. mixed the egg yolks, flour, cornmeal, sugar, salt and pepper first, then added the corn (all of it; we didn’t measure out 9 oz like […]