shenanigans #3

what i’ve been making and eating: eggs. fried over greens sauteed with garlic. a frittata with herbes de provence and caramelized cauliflower and onion. or just plain scrambled (which is surprisingly satisfying for its simplicity). crunchy salted pb. by the spoonful, on celery, in my morning quinoa/soy milk/raisins/cinnamon concoction. quinoa salad with herbes de provence, […]

Ode to Olives

Oh olives how I love thee From your succulent saltiness to your crisp bite, from Manzanilla to Kalamata, whether you bathe in olive oil or brine, you make everything infinitely better Like the Chop’t Nicoise salad, which features you in big, meaty chunks, or Pissladiere, where your pugency cuts through the richness Without you tapenade […]