Trek to Tartine Manufactory

Fruit crisp, Liege waffle and bostock from Tartine Manufactory | Delicious Not Gorgeous

i’m not a huge fan of tartine, the bakery that many people consider the primo, el jefe, THE ONE, in the sf bay area. i simply feel like there’s places that taste better out there, ie manresa breadb. patisserie and alexander’s patisserie, but feel free to debate with me in the comments! somehow, i still managed to check out their new place, tartine manufactory, less than 2 weeks after it opened. offer to drive, drag your friends along, and magical things happen.

before tartine though, we stopped for macarons and lunch. oops.

Guava rose and black sesame macarons from Ketsourine Macarons in Daly City. | Delicious Not Gorgeous

one of my friends swears by ketsourine macarons, so we made a stop there. the decor is extremely white, hence why my friend knew about it, since our white aesthetic obsessed friend took her last time. the flavors were solid: the guava rose was pretty guava-y and luckily light on the rose (i’m not a huge fan of eating rose or lavender things), the black sesame appropriately nutty and toasty, the (not-pictured) mint chip and tiramisu tasting exactly as you would expect but nothing more. the texture was ho-hum, though, and was more crispy than chewy (my fave places to get macarons are still alexander’s patisserie, chantal guillon, and ‘lette).

Panini from Hot Press in San Francisco | Delicious Not Gorgeous

lunch was at hot press bc i refused to go to el farolito. remember that white-obsessed friend? she’s taken me to el farolito too many times, even if it’s reasonably priced and an overall good choice for mexican food. anyways, the panini at hot press had some crispyyyy bread (THE SOUND OF THE CRUST), even if the fillings were unmemorable.

and then, the reason for our day trip: tartine manufactory. my skip/power walk combo started once i saw the building, and was very mature.

for a fruit crisp, bostock (brioche topped with frangipane, berries and almonds; the middle item in the header picture), liege waffle and salted buckwheat chocolate cookie (not pictured), we collectively spent $20+. everything was tasty, but not quite so tasty that i would trek that far or want to deal with that parking situation or pay that much for a repeat. on the bright side, it has inspired me to schedule bostock into my kitchen’s (and my mouth’s) near future.

Baker Beach in San Francisco | Delicious Not Gorgeous

baker beach. last time i came, i didn’t realize it was a nude beach and was in for a surprise, but stayed to take pics of my b. patisserie haul anyways. this time, i knew, but the girl in the green shirt wanted to come. it was cold that day (see karl + my wind-blown hair?), and we got to fully enjoy the scenery (that first pic was also snapped when we were at baker beach) instead of working to advert our eyes away from scantily clad (if at all) wrinkly old men.

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13 Replies to “Trek to Tartine Manufactory”

  1. woweeee, girl! I’ve never even considered exploring any of the bakeries around SF (I KNOW, WHAT), and all of these reviews have me drooling. Even if it wasn’t *completely* worth it, I’m always down for a guava maracon, heh.

    1. next time you’re in the area, you should!! there’s so many good things (;

  2. I wanted to go to El Farolito the last time I was in SF! I didn’t get to, but I’m glad it’s a solid choice (sorry it’s become overplayed for you). I’m with you. Tartine is SO overplayed.

    It sounds like this was a bit of a miss for food this trip! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who wasn’t that impressed with SF’s food scene the last time I was there. Do you think it’s starting to go downhill?


    1. el farolito is good! but i wouldn’t recommend going out of my way for it (especially bc parking can be a bit of a pain in that neighborhood!).

      oh, i love sf! i tend to go a lot (i split my time between the bay area and orange county/southern california) and love to try new places, so that does include some misses. i still love san tung (chicken wings!), b. patisserie, schubert’s bakery (princess cake), golden gate bakery (dan tats), gott’s roadside (ahi burgers), etc. i’ll get a list up of my favorite soon!

  3. There are some places here in LA that people LOOOOOVE and I’m like, “Guys, calm down it’s not that great”. I love that you can be honest about this place and still go in giving it an honest shot. The waffles looked good, but it’s good to know it’s not worth the trek. If I’m ever in the area I’ll give them a shot, but thanks to this I won’t break my neck to get there!

    1. i think people get caught up in what other people like, and what they think they *should* like. i have high expectations when there’s hype + it’s expensive + i get to thinking i could probably experiment at home with it (and make it cheaper and tastier), so that might be why it wasn’t my fave (;

      1. That’s so true! I actually went to a high tea a while ago and everyone was raving about it. When I was there, I was like “this shit is sooooo hyped and expensive” which is why people thought it had to be great when it really wasn’t. I love that you are from the perspective of, “I can probably make this myself for less money” LOL!

        1. i just read your post about your high tea experience! it might be another one of those “i’ll make it myself” kind of things.

  4. Those bakeries are good though! haha. Thank you for sharing!

    God Bless!
    Jan Limark |Brotherly Creative

    1. thanks jan! all bakeries are good (sugar!), but i definitely enjoy some better than tartine.

  5. I’ve been wanting to go to Tartine Manufactory! Were you able to try their soft serve ice cream? And I love Ketsourine Macarons for some of their unique flavors. And I do really like their macaron ice cream sandwiches. I haven’t been to Alexander’s Patisserie, but now I really want to try it!

    1. hi andrea! i went back in august, so they hadn’t had their ice cream available yet. i might have to go back and try some though, because their flavors sound amazing!

      the ketsourine macaron ice cream sandwiches looked good, but they were pretty expensive from what i remember; i think it was $5 for a small one, whereas there are other places that have larger portions for cheaper prices (cream and icebox in cupertino come to mind).

      alexander’s is really good! would recommend that you go to the mountain view one instead of the cupertino one though, since the mountain view one has more selection and more pastries (the cupertino one is more focused on their mini desserts).

  6. Aaaaah! This sounds like a pastry dream! So jealous!

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