Week 10 Adventures

Mint Leaf dim sum, Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

you may have heard that my most recent quarter of school was not as… taxing as other quarters. so when my friend b asked if i was willing to hang out the weekend before finals, i was naturally down. our mutual friend s is always dod (“definition of down”), so she rounded out our trio for these week 10 adventures.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

a few months ago, guardians of the galaxy: mission breakout opened and replaced the iconic tower of terror in california adventure. we basically stayed long enough to get fast passes for it, left, then came back to ride it, then left again. i wanted to stay longer, but what can you say when the person with the free passes wants to leave? anyways, if you like tower of terror then you’ll probably still like this. the ride is essentially the same, though the details and theming are different. i’m not a huge fan of drop rides, and my own nail marks were embedded in my palms, but even i think it’s worth riding at least once.

we had dim sum at mint leaf, which was more of a fast food rather than sit down dim sum place. we got ham suey gok (fried mochi filled with pork and mushrooms), siu mai (pork and shrimp dumpling), har gao (shrimp dumpling), nai wong bao (sweet custard buns), fried shrimp balls, noodles and tofu skin with mushrooms. was it the best dim sum i’ve ever had? no. the noodles were kind of bland, and the ham suey gok wasn’t as crispy as i wanted. but for the convenience and price, it was pretty good. and the custard buns were fun. you’re supposed to stick your chopstick in where its mouth would be, and when you squish the bun, the molten custard comes out. to me, it’s more like it’s peeing but hey, when else can you say that you have a peeing bun?

Matcha Churro with Almonds at The Loop, Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

the loop has been on my radar for a while, and it was pretty worth it. i got a churro dusted with cinnamon sugar, brushed with matcha glaze and sprinkled with chopped almonds. the churro was super crispy (but still tender and not hard on the inside) and fresh, and the matcha glaze was pretty strong in the tea department. it was messy, with the almonds falling off every second, but tasty.

and because going to one theme park apparently wasn’t enough, we ended up at universal studios later on in the day. never mind that it took 1.5 hours to get there with traffic, or that the park was closing in < 2 hours, or that s and i had been at universal less than a week before. b and s could not be swayed into doing something more local. luckily it was free (well, pre-paid, since we all have season passes), and luckily the studio tour remains amazing no matter how many times you sit through it.

Sushi Stop. Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

dinner was at sushi stop. give me allllllll the fish.


Brunch at Crave Restaurant, Santa Ana, Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

brunch was at crave in santa ana. we might have overordered. just maybe. the frittatas (in the top left and bottom right, both filled with herbs, cheese, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and grilled chicken) were super flavorful and massive. they took 20+ minutes to come out because they get baked fresh. normally not an issue, but b and s got bottomless mimosas, and were a wee bit …happy before the food came out. it was apparently too much to ask for them to wait for the food before having any alcohol. the croissant was tasty if unmemorable. the creme brulee french toast was custardy on the inside, crispy on the outside, with plenty of berries. they undercharged us and after we mentioned it, they brought us a chocolate chip cookie and a snickerdoodle. my mouth wasn’t behaving and even though the waiter was in hearing range, somehow a loud nooooooooo escaped. because i was full and did not deserve more sugar, and yet i knew they’d be nibbled away by the end of the day until only crumbs remained. anyways, if you need a massive chocolate chip cookie, theirs is pretty solid.

The Getty Villa, Pacific Palisades, Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

we spent some time at the getty villa in pacific palisades, though we didn’t venture into any of the indoor exhibits and  wandered around/did photoshoots in the gardens. hey, i was wearing a dress for once, so i needed to make it somewhat worthwhile.

Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine Temple, Pacific Palisades, Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

and since it was so close to the getty, we ended up at the self realization fellowship lake shrine temple. super serene, with plenty of benches and nooks to peer at and relax near.

Gresecent Ice Cream, Los Angeles, Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

the last stop of our weekend was gresescent ice cream. b got a bouquet of ice cream (10, count em, TEN scoops) and refused to share with me. i sampled the lemon bar, which was more custardy/decadent than lemony, and the honey hazelnut pistachio, which was super nutty. i ended up with a scoop of the blackberry mint mojito, which had a good bit of tartness from the berries and freshness from the mint.

just like that, the weekend was over. it was a good break right before finals, and seeing how i passed my classes with good enough grades (thank goodness russian children’s literature is done), i think it was worth it (;

Week 10 Adventures | Delicious Not Gorgeous

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57 Replies to “Week 10 Adventures”

  1. Yay for Russian Children’s Literature class being done! I loved reading your post about your weekend. I have never been to Universal Studios and have been dying to go! That churro looked amazing….time for a road trip! Have a great week!! Xoxo

    1. universal is fun! so long as you don’t get motion sick easily (; most of their rides use the 3d screens and you can leave feeling nauseous quickly lol.

  2. Love the food reviews! You always seem to choose the BEST places! I feel the need to compile a list from your recommendations for next time I’m in CA, as well as Universal, where I’ve yet to go.

    1. my trips revolve around food, so i make it a point to do an obscene amount of food research (;

  3. Looks like you a delicious and fun filled weekend! I’ve been meaning to try Loop…but I always end up getting ice cream instead 🙂

    1. i’ve heard that the line gets crazy at the loop at night, so i don’t blame you! i got lucky and went in the early afternoon, when there was no wait. i have a feeling you’re referring to eiswelt, which i still need to try!

  4. What a great weekend! I have never tried churros before. Time to remedy that I think 🙂

    1. WHAT? gasp. i think of churros as a donut’s older cousin: sassier and more hearty (ie cinnamon-y and crispier). super tasty (:

  5. That churro looks over the top delicious😋 Looks like you had an amazing time! And good food too😊 I am sure that must have helped with the exams😬

    1. ahh yes the food coma made for a perfect studying mood! (;

  6. I’m having feelings about that churro.

    1. i still have feels about that churro. give me all the matcha glaze!!

  7. I’ve never been much for the drop rides either, Heather. I’m pretty sure my nail marks would’ve been on my palms, the walls, the back of the person in front of me, the ceiling, etc. I used to love stuff like that, but as I’ve matured (read: turned into an old man) stuff like that creeps me out more and more. Sounds like you guys had some great adventures, though! And those churros…I’m going to have to take a nap and dream about those now. 🙂

    1. LOL considering the fact that i didn’t know the person in front of me, i’m glad they didn’t have nail marks (; churro dreams sound awesome. can i program my brain to do that too?

  8. Your pictures made my mouth watering, Heather! Yummy!

    1. yay glad they made you hungry (;

  9. I’ve seen those fish ice cream cones all over – ALL over I tell you! They’re so stinking creative, just like those DONUTS! But really, all I want…. is SUSHI!

    1. sameeee. i’m somehow always in the mood for sushi.

  10. Wow! It sure does sound like you guys had quite the weekend. And judging by all the photos it was a tasty one too. I won’t be able to get that image of the frittatas out of my head (they are definitely drool worthy) and those Disney themed donuts are the cutest.

    1. those frittatas were so massive! drooling because i remember how good they were, and also cringing because i remember how full i was went i left that restaurant oops.

  11. Such a good dose of cuteness and sun! I particularly love this beautiful Mediterranean lake park with the palm trees…

    1. same! it was this random stop on the side of the road that opened up into this gorgeous oasis. definitely a hidden gem (:

  12. That churro looks amazing! Your weekend looks like it was a lot of delicious fun 😀

    1. delicious fun is the best kind of fun! :3

  13. I want your life. Haha I’m so jealous of you being able to get to all these cool places over a weekend!! GOSH why do I live in Canada? Cheers friend!!

    1. ahh yes i love california! i was in a very small town in utah last week, and it made me so grateful that i don’t live there lol.

  14. School kicked my butt, I’m so happy that part of my life is over and done with, but sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I all I had to worry about was grades and parties. I’m crazy obsessed with dim sum. Har goa and nai wong bao are my favorites, and this nothing wrong with a little tofu skin 🙂 Those churros are so cute, haven’t had one in years.

    1. dim sum is the best!! there was a time when i hadn’t had it for 6+ months and was homesick, but when i went out for dimsum with some friends, i literally couldn’t stop smiling the whole time we were there lol.

  15. I love those fish cones too! I want one so bad! Those frittatas looked pretty tasty too! I don’t have much of a sense of adventure when it comes to crazy rides at parks. I am a scaredy-cat! I’m just fine with that! Glad you passed! Wootwoot! 🙂

    1. the taiyaki ice cream fish cones seem to be popping up more nowadays (at least in california) so hopefully you can get your hands on one! oof yeah one of my friends keeps trying to get me to commit to a halloween haunt at a theme park, and i’m like scary rides and creepy people who jump out at you and chase you?! no thanks.

  16. Sounds like such a fun weekend! So much tasty food too! The frittatas look so yummy and the churro too! Love the flavours in it!

  17. WOW… looks like a great weekend and such amazing food ….I absolutely love the cute ice cream swirl.😃

    1. i’m convinced that anything with a swirl instantly becomes cute (;

  18. So much deliciousness! And that plate of sushi … YUMMY. And those doughnuts … SO CUTE 🙂

    1. those doughnuts took forever!! though they are super cute (;

  19. So much good food! Lucky you 🙂

    1. thanks, kimberly!

  20. OMG all that food, I can’t even, Heather!! I’m getting so hungry here eheheheh

    1. even i’m getting hungry looking back at these pics while responding to these comments lol

  21. What an interesting post! Loved going on your adventure with you. Russian Literature! 🙂

    1. oh man, taking childrens russian literature was an obscure and regretable decision lol.

  22. Your adventure sounds amazing, good you got a nice break to recharge before your finals.

  23. What a beautiful post, gorgeous pictures and delicious food!

    1. thanks jagruti!!

  24. Such a fun and wonderful weekend. Love the place and all the food!

  25. Oh man, I wish I was there on this delicious adventure! It all looks amazing!

  26. Mouth watering!! All of this looks great!

  27. I want that churro and all that sushi in and around my face pleased! You do so good with school you deserve all the holidays!!

    1. meep i could probably put more energy into school and deserve my holidays more. oh well! (;

  28. Damn you had some good eats! I was drooling just following along! I haven’t had sushi in soooooo long! I’m still amazed that she had 10 scoops of ice cream o_O haha Damn! I didn’t think a shop would actually be able to fit that in a bowl!

    1. i think it’s time to break your sushi fast then (; yeahhhhh my friend can go crazy sometimes lol.

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