Sparkling Lemon Cherry Soda

This sparkling lemon cherry soda is perfectly bubbly, and just as tasty with or without alcohol.

my last day at my internship was last wednesday. i didn’t want to go in on tuesday and i wanted to just be done and have a break before i go back down to socal for school. and then wednesday came, and i was a mess. i cried when i read the cards that my department gave me. i cried when i saw the cookies my boss had delivered for me, especially since she was all the way in thailand that day. and i cried when i left, when i was trying to scurry out because i didn’t want to cry in front of everyone. maybe i wouldn’t have cried if my future there was in such limbo, but i guess i’ll have to wait and see what happens.

all i wanted after leaving the office was salad (i have a real addiction to sweetgreen okay) and a cold drink. still not a huge fan of alcohol, though i did drink the most alcohol i ever have this summer. i drank 1/4 glass rose and 1/2 a random sugar snap pea cocktail and even splashed a bit of vodka in my moscow mule (read: ginger beer and ginger ale and lime with a couple of drops of vodka)!!! (also this was spread out during the whole summer lol). living. on. the. edge. anyways, not a huge fan of alcohol, so this sparkling lemon cherry soda is right up my alley. (though you can most definitely spike it if it so pleases you).

it’s effervescent. (well duh, it’s soda). (also that’s a word i picked up after watching this video about berkeley’s cultured pickle shop, at which point i turned into a wannabe pickle and kombucha snob, even though i was underwhelmed by the overpriced pickled carrots with hijiki seaweed that i bought, and i still can’t stand the taste of kombucha). it’s refreshingly tart from the lemon, even though there’s still a heavy dose of cherry. the perfect way to toast goodbye to summer, even if you don’t want to.

This sparkling lemon cherry soda is crystal clear on top with a heaping of dark cherries at the bottom before you stir it.

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Sparkling Lemon Cherry Soda

This is less of a recipe and more of an idea. All you need is cherries, sugar, lemon and sparkling water.

Pit and chop a few cherries per glass, mix with sugar, and let macerate until juicy. Fresh or frozen cherries work best, though I’d supposed you could use cherry jam if you were reallyyyyย in a tight bind.ย Leave as is or blend it (partially or completely), depending on what kind of texture you’re looking for. Drop in a few ice cubes, top with sparkling water, add a squeeze of lemon, and ta da. Bye, summer, I’ll miss you.

This sparkling lemon cherry soda is bright red and brimming with fresh cherry flavor.

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65 Replies to “Sparkling Lemon Cherry Soda”

  1. I do love cherries, the colour of this is lovely and just perfect to toast the summer (what’s left of it!)

    1. i’ll be toasting to the rest of summer for as long as i can hold out (ie next week, when it’s back to school)!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever played around with making my own soda flavors…but I love the cherry-lemon combo here. Sounds like a dessert in a glass! And I’m really keeping my fingers crossed with you on the internship location. Sounds like they really love you there, so that’s a good thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. playing around with soda flavors is so fun and easy! and low risk: if you don’t like it, welp, at least it’s just 1 glass (:

  3. Such a fun idea! Lemon cherry is a yummy combo too! Super refreshing and perfect any time of year if you ask me ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks dawn! i’d wager that some people would be more into hot tea or cider or coffee during the colder months, but i would be right beside you drinking this even then (:

  4. Your boss sent you cookies! You must have really impressed her.. Way to go girl ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the second pic where you captured the bubbles so clearly! Bye summer

    1. same, i love how the bubbles came out so clear!

  5. Sounds like a refreshing drink! I thought the note and cookies your boss sent you was super sweet! Hopefully you get to go back to your internship again after this school year is finished. Have a great week Heather! Xoxo

    1. awh, thanks! hoping something works out but also preparing for the possibility that it doesn’t. que sera sera~

  6. Awww! It’s super sweet your coworkers and boss gave you a send off! Hopefully the future works out exactly how you want, my friend! This soda looks perfect! LOVING the lemon and cherry combo! Cheers!

    1. thanks! and the lemon/cherry combo is so sweet/tart and perfect for summer (:

  7. Awwwww I’m sorry your internship is over, Heather! But it sounds like you made a really good impression on your boss and co-workers. Have a great school year! This soda sounds so good; completely refreshing and, as someone who can’t drink much because of migraines, perfect so I can have a fancy drink while everyone else is consuming their adult beverages ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. oh then this is perfect! you can join me at the non-alcoholic table (speaking of which, i had a really great passionfruit ginger beer cooler the other night, so i’m glad there’s still exciting drinks for us!).

  8. I totally love cherries and this simple recipe-but-not sounds awesome. Sounds like you had a good internship — good luck with school!

    1. it’s simple but doesn’t look or taste it! which is definitely awesome (:

  9. How nice of your co-workers and boss! What a gorgeous looking drink! It looks so refreshing and the perfect send-off for summer! That Cherry Garcia Cake also has my eye! YUM!!

  10. It’s great that your internship had such an impact on you.

    1. yes, i got really lucky! i’ve had my share of not so great internships (including one where i had to cold call grad students), so i appreciated getting to do something more useful this time around (:

  11. Ahhh Iโ€™m so sorry you cried, it’s so sad when things come to an end. I hate saying goodbye to people, I donโ€™t even say goodbye on the phone. Salads make me feel good also, so I get you, but it does sound weird. This looks like a fun drink, I will try it out this weekend. So happy your internship was a positive experience, everyone isn’t so lucky.

    1. goodbyes are always sad ): and yes, i got really lucky with this one! i’ve had some not as great experiences (one in particular that made me question even why the company had interns), so i certainly appreciated this one.

  12. Love this. We drink sparkling water mixed with different fruit juices all the time in my house. Although I have never tried sparkling water with fruit + lemon juice + sugar! I will DEF be making this soon! And I hope you get to return to your internship position again in the future! Sending positive vibes your way!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. sparkling water + juice is really tasty! this is great when you want to spice it up a bit or have a ton of fruit and need another way to eat it (:

  13. Yum I love cherry flavour this is a great drink to wave goodbye to the summer with.

  14. This drink sounds tasty and refreshing! (P.S. I also have a serious sweetgreen addiction.)

    1. it’s gotten to the point where i’ll drive by a sweetgreen, yell “OOOH THERE’S A SWEETGREEN,” and then anyone in the car will shut me down with a firm no.

  15. This sounds like a very refreshing drink heather. Just wondering what sweetgreens are?:) cheers sherry

    1. sweetgreen is a salad chain in the us! i really like their salads because they have a lot more toppings than lettuce, and they’re always so flavorful (:

  16. OH, this looks super refreshing Heather, perfect for Summer, which begins in just a few weeks here in South Africa.
    I love the flavour combination and cannot wait to try it out!

    1. thanks, ashika! happy summer (:

  17. Such a thirst-quenching drink, Heather! Can’t wait to refresh myself there days!

    1. thanks agness! super refreshing, and i like that it’s not too sweet either (:

  18. So sweet of your Boss, just says how amazing you must be at your work ๐Ÿ™‚ And that cherry soda .. LOVING!

  19. That’s so sweet of your coworkers! Such a fun soda idea

    1. i feel like sodas aren’t tinkered around with enough! i’m not a huge fan of the super sweet storebought ones, so the ability to control the amount of sweetness is also really nice (:

  20. This looks so refreshing!! Have fun with the end of intership.

  21. Cherry soda sounds amazing Heather. I’m gonna make it tomorrow night for the kids to get the weekend kick started and may be (may be…..) add some booze for us:)

    1. booze definitely allowed! i love how easy drinks are to adapt for different people (:

  22. That’s so kind of your boss and co-workers to say good-bye like that! I’m happy that you had such a positive experience there. This soda sounds so refreshing and lovely; what a great combination of flavours.

  23. lemon cherry soda sounds like the perfect way to toast to the end of summer.
    i totally feel you on the alcohol thing! i drink just the way you do, tiny sips/drinks that have the merest wisp. heehee

    1. i think it’s funny when people are like, you’d like this! it doesn’t taste like alcohol at all!, and then i take a sip and struggle to not recoil lol.

  24. It’s a sweet simple and yummy drink. It will work with serving your guest who comes home suddenly. And it will be healthy too, to have as it doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients. TThank you.

    1. yes, it’s a perfect last minute drink!

  25. It’s so tough leaving a really great work environment – I totally understand!! Try to focus on the excitement of the unknown, as hard as it can be. I happen to have fresh cherries in the fridge, and a soda stream so I’ve always got sparkling water. This drink will be happening real soon! I love how simple it is. Take care dear Heather!!

    1. the unknown could be exciting if i could find interesting jobs (the kind of job i want is kind of a niche, so it’s hard to find lol)! but we’ll see how it goes. ooh a soda stream sounds like so much fun! not sure i’d use it enough to justify purchasing one, but i have a friend who would probably let me play around with it (;

  26. I love the flavor of CHERRY but the actual thing, no thanks! haha! It’s very weird of me – but the same goes for BANANAS as well!

    1. oh interesting! i’m the exact opposite; i don’t like cherry flavored things. (i’m perhaps one of the few people ever who would trade a cherry or strawberry starburst for an orange or lemon).

  27. We drink sparkling water so often..But this genius idea of meddling the fruit and lemon juice has never struck me! Will be trying soon before saying bye to summer!

    1. it’s a good way to mix up plain sparkling water!

  28. Internship can lead to a great future with the same organization, especially when you have left such a positive impression. I’m feeling optimistic about your future, wherever it may lead. Good luck with school! Your soda sounds refreshing and delicious! The cherry and lemon is such a great pairing.

    1. thanks, thao! they keep looking me up on linkedin, so maybe that means something? but anyways, cherry and lemon is such a good combo and i wish it was used more!

  29. Dude! Yasss! Black cherry flavored soda water is one of my all-time favorites. However, I need something new in my life and this recipe looks and sounds so refreshing! Great job ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. i tend to like tarter things, so the lemon in here works really well to cut the cherry and mix things up a bit (:

  30. I’d say this soda is totally delicious AND gorgeous!!!

  31. wow. I’m crying just reading this. You’re a awesome girl so I’m not surprised you’re so loved at work ๐Ÿ™‚ Wished I was there to join you for that drink but its not too late now right? Cheers to Heather! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a crazy and fun beginning of school!

    1. aww thanks joyce ๐Ÿ’• never too late for drinks!

  32. I’m so so sorry that you’re last day was a tough one. It’s so interesting that you work at a place for only a little while and you don’t realize how much of an impact it will have on you. That said, I’m really glad your department did so many nice things to show their appreciation for you. To close it all off with a nice soda like this much have made it a little bit easier!

    1. yeah, i was there for only a summer and had such a good time there! surprising because i was kind of hesitant to take it (i was like, what if i get something better??), and because i didn’t want to start (because i am a lazy bum sometimes lol).

  33. This drink sounds tasty and refreshing!! Such a fun Idea… I loved the combo of these two flavors. Thanks for sharing this amazing recipe with all of us.

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