Sushi Bake

Three little packages of spoonfuls of rice topped with imitation crab salad, tucked into crispy seaweed.

What Is Baked Sushi? Sushi bake is rice topped with a creamy imitation crab salad, almost like a sushi casserole. It’s eaten in spoonfuls wrapped in crispy seaweed. Since it’s so rich, baked sushi is best served in small portions as an appetizer.  Sushi Bake Ingredients Here are the main ingredients in this sushi bake: […]

Loquat Lemonade

Glass jar filled with ice cubes and orange-y loquat lemonade and a metal straw.

Loquat Drink Recipe This loquat lemonade is perfect if you have too many loquats, and you’re tired of eating them plain. Before we get into the recipe, what if you’ve never heard of a loquat? What Is a Loquat? A loquat is a small oblong fruit native to China, usually with yellow-orange skin and fruit. […]

Spam Musubi

Spam musubi looks like mini sushi sandwiches, with very dark green seaweed wrapped around rice and pink Spam.

Spam Musubi Recipe Before we dive into the recipe, what is Spam musubi? It’s a pressed sushi made with Spam, where crispy, pan-fried Spam is covered in teriyaki sauce and sandwiched by fresh rice and roasted seaweed to hold everything in place. It’s a mix of Japanese (the rice and seaweed) and Hawaiian/American cuisine (the […]

Honey Toast Recipe

Put your tongue back in your mouth. Yep, it's a block of toast, buttered and honeyed, and then filled with ice cream, cookies and fruit. #honey #toast #icecream #dessert

What is honey toast? I first had honey toast (also know as brick toast, given the shape, or Shibuya toast, since it originated from Shibuya, Japan) at Shokudo in Hawaii. I wasn’t convinced at first- the name is unassuming, and I could squirt honey out of a plastic bear on a piece of toast at […]