Melona Soju

Clear glass with clear liquid and a pale green popsicle.

I’m a big fan of alcohol and ice cream – maybe you could tell from this strawberry margarita ice cream float, or this McFlurry with Kahlua and Oreos. So it’s probably not a surprise for you to see this Melona soju cocktail either. It’s a creamy and sweet, lightly alcoholic beverage perfect for when I’m […]

Furikake Chex Mix

Pack this furikake mix into glass jars for an easy holiday gift to give to friends and family! #furikake #chexmix #snack #holidaygift

How to Make Furikake Chex Mix To start this Hawaiian snack, you heat butter, corn syrup, soy sauce, sugar and oil together in a pot. Once the butter is melted and everything looks homogenous, you pour it over your cereal and mix until each piece is glossy and coated with the sauce. You then sprinkle […]

Nián Gāo

Happy Chinese New Year! Celebrate with nian gao, a chewy sweet rice cake dessert. #chinesenewyear #niangao #ricecake #chinesefood

What is Nián Gāo (Chinese New Year Cake)? Nián gāo (or nin gōu in Cantonese) is a chewy, sticky cake made of rice. The texture is similar to other food made with glutinous rice flour, including tōng yuen (another one of my Lunar New Year must haves) and custard mochi. It can be flavored in […]

Sushi Bake

Three little packages of spoonfuls of rice topped with imitation crab salad, tucked into crispy seaweed.

What Is Baked Sushi? Sushi bake is rice topped with a creamy imitation crab salad, almost like a sushi casserole. It’s eaten in spoonfuls wrapped in crispy seaweed. Since it’s so rich, baked sushi is best served in small portions as an appetizer.  Sushi Bake Ingredients Here are the main ingredients in this sushi bake: […]

Spam Musubi with Egg

Stack of 6 spam musubi with egg on a wooden cutting board.

How to Make Spam Musubi with Egg I’m betting that if you’re here, you probably already know what Spam musubi is, but in case you don’t: it’s pressed Spam sushi. I like my Spam pan-fried until crispy and slicked back with a smear of teriyaki sauce before it goes into the musubi. This version takes […]

Spam Musubi

Spam musubi looks like mini sushi sandwiches, with very dark green seaweed wrapped around rice and pink Spam.

What is Spam Musubi? It’s a pressed sushi made with Spam, where crispy, pan-fried Spam is covered in teriyaki sauce and sandwiched by fresh rice and roasted seaweed to hold everything in place. It’s a mix of Japanese (the rice and seaweed) and Hawaiian/American cuisine (the Spam). If you don’t want pure Spam, this Spam […]