About the Blog

new to dng? here’s some of my faves to start you off.
jasmine green tea cake with raspberry jam
spam musubi
earl grey ice cream with grand marnier
savory taro cake – wu tao gou

in case you want to know more:
the name delicious not gorgeous is based on the fact that my first priority is taste, not just how it looks. i believe there is too much emphasis on the latter, though i’m coming to see the importance of being presentable in certain cases.

there’s all sorts of food on here, but it does heavily lean towards desserts (cake cake cake) and vegetables. i tend to gravitate away from meat simply due to personal palate preferences.

i’m trying to put less emphasis on timing, since people get hung up on sauteeing their onions for exactly fifteen minutes, rather than waiting until they’re golden and tender and a thick crust of fond is coating the pan. i also tend to use certain phrases (evoo) or assume knowledge (brown the butter), and i’m sorry if it’s confusing! comment on the post or email me (deliciousnotgorgeous AT gmail DOT com) and i can clarify. or search it up on the web! there’s so many great resources out there that can break it down with great instructions, pictures, the science behind it, etc.

while i do have posts up with recipes that have been posted millions of times elsewhere, my main goal here is to get you out of your comfort zone. i don’t even care if you make one of the things i post here. think matcha and strawberry belong together? want to venture beyond cake mix? try it out! either cobble together something of your own, or find inspiration here or somewhere else and get in the kitchen. life’s too short and busy to eat the same lemon bars all day long.

my photography has been on a slow but sure improvement. if you want to go back to the beginning, you’ll find pictures from my moto g phone camera, which i had a veryyy hard time focusing with. i transitioned into a canon sx600 hs, which is better for zooming in at concerts than taking food close-ups, but oh well. point and shoot > phone camera. as of late 2016, i’m started to transition out of the sx600 hs into a canon eos digital rebel with a kit lens, since that’s what my parents had lying around. and then in summer 2017, i bought a used canon 60d and a 50mm f/1.8 lens. people say that you can take great phone pics, but there’s something psychological about having a dslr that also makes me want to try harder w it.